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Pushchair Travels - Hebden Bridge

Pushchair travels
We set off last week to the Calder Valley in West Yorkshire to the quirky town of Hebden Bridge. There is a distinct indie and 'green' feel to the place brought about by an influx of artists and New Age types in the 70's. I wish I could have shown you one street that I walked down - it was so colourful and there were stars and moons in nearly every window. 
Hebden Bridge Valley
We did a fair bit of window shopping. There are some really ace shops. I quite fancied this Rice candle holder and the Moomin purse - they used to really scare me as a child!
Rice Candle Holder
Moomin Purse
Vintage Dolly Pegs
Feathergills Emporium is a real curiosity shop with it's vintage hardware and apothecary range - cabinets full of jars and ointments made on site. 
Feathergills Emporium Hebden Bridge
The Willow Garden is my type of florist with cute posies and sweet vintage arrangements. I couldn't resist buying myself a rustic heart for my front door and a cute rose posy. I wish there were more florists like this that weave English country garden flowers into their bouquets - I have an aversion to lilies, gerberas and palm fronds all together typical Interflora style. If you have ever seen Miss Pickering's florist that is exactly what I love - more wild and natural with herbs used too. 
Florist Front
Pretty coloured Broom -Cytisus
Flower Posy
A river runs through the town and there were several pretty bridges crossing it with a gathering of ducks to amuse Little Bird with. Quack. At Easter they have a duck race of the yellow plastic variety, my kind of fun! Quack.
Hebden Bridge River
Hebden Bridge Town Riverside
Along the high street where bubbles floated through the air (for real) there were more gorgeous boutique style shops and cafes. 
The Old Treehouse Shop
Hebden Bridge - The Old Treehouse shop
Home Oh! Shop
My absolute favourite shop was the Yorkshire Soap Company. I was spellbound first off at the window with wedding cakes made from soap and mini soap truffles. Inside were soap birthday cupcakes with sprinkles and a candle, cakes delicately decorated with flowers, stars and glitter. Slices of cakey soap and lemon meringue that looked as scrummy as the real thing! All handmade and put into gorgeous packaging too. 
I was inspired to go to Hebden Bridge from reading the Rosalilium blog as she has been there several times recently and posted such lovely pictures. I have to admit that I had not even heard of the place before then! I keep a notebook to list places to visit and a lot of them are now inspired by reading your blogs - such as my trip to Leek. It's amazing how blogs really open up your eyes to the world around you and teach you new things. I love that.


Toffeeapple said...

What a glorious place to go. I shall put it on my list and try to get OH to take me there. It is so good to see so many shops that are independent. Feathergills would be my favourite shop and the flower shop a close second. I'm so glad that you enjoyed it.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comment on Amsterdam :) I saw this post as I waited for the bus this evening and thought I must get home and comment on your great post, you've sold this place to me it's right up my street! I may be obsessed with taking pictures of fronts of flower shops I too love the ones like this and not interflora ones. If I won the lottery tomorrow I would open up a florist/cafe thing in this style though get someone to do the flowers I don't think I have the skills :)

Andrea @ little buckles said...

I'm sold. Just wish I had lots of money! X

Andrea @ little buckles said...

P.s. I love your new header :)

Tracy Glover said...

Ooo! I am originally from Bradford in West Yorkshire, so I used to visit this lovely town a lot. I used to study in the next town. My friend lives there and I am often envious. I love it. I love the shops. It has an old fashioned cinema and I love the sloping streets.
It was cheap to buy house there in the 70s and a lot of hippie types moved there, as you said which maybe give it it's green vibe. I often think I would love to live there. Last time I went there I went to a lovely little bar and was in awe of all the shops.
Haworth is not terribly far from there, home of the Brontes and also has some cute shops.
Your header is wicked and I love your button.
Is Grimm a tv series?

greenthumb said...

Looks like another great place, I was given a heart for my birthday and didn't know where to put it. Now I will hang it on the front door.

Rhianne said...

I've never been to Hebden Bridge during the day and it looks like such a lovely place, I should really go again and look around properly, I want to see the street with moons and stars now :)

Anonymous said...

I love those old Yorkshire villages and Hebden Bridge looks beautiful. Your photos are stunning.

CJ x

Juliab said...

My Aunt lives on a farm in the hills above Hebden Bridge so I have been going there every couple of years since I was a child. We tend to only pop into the centre briefly and spend most of our time up on the farm - my Aunt says it's the best place on earth and I am inclined to agree with her. I love going to visit. Glad you had a good trip there. x

Poppy said...

What a fantastic place...I love the look of the shops. If only I lived a bit nearer. :0(

Lou xxx

Victoria said...

thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, Ive loved having a read through yours. Yorkshire is a place me and the husband have alway wanted to visit and your latest blog has convinced us, beautiful and the shops all look so adorable. X


...Nina Nixon... said...

What a fabulous looking place and you've captured it so well in your images.

Take care

Nina x

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