Friday, 2 March 2012

Local in Leek

Shop Local
Back in January I was reading one of my favourite blogs Curlew Country and Steph posted a map of her local town Leek which I instantly pinned in my places to go Pinterest board.
Totally Local Leek
It's surprising that I had never been to Leek before as it's hardly a long way from where we we decided to go en route (of a fashion) to visiting relatives in Macclesfield and I was pleasantly surprised.
Victorian Arcade Leek
It's a bustling market town with plenty of independent shops to investigate and a strong emphasis on buying locally through the Totally Locally campaign.  
Shop Local Campaign
Plenty of shabby chic shops to explore and a quaint Victorian style arcade laden with handcrafted goods, cupcake accessories, flower candles, garlands, polka dot bunting and the smell of coffee is bliss. 
Shabby Chic Shop
Historic shops and great architecture are seen throughout the town. The Home and Colonial Store, family run for generations is amazing and a real curiosity. I always feel a bit sneaky taking pictures of shops but I'm sure this one is used to it as it is so beautifully vintage.
Home and Colonial Store in Leek
Local Grocer
Colourful stained glass entrance with pretty signage and packed full of fresh produce. The inside of the shop snakes backwards - on and on.......
Pretty Stained Glass
Pink flowers for sale
Greengrocer fruit and vegetables
The owner seems a real character and the shop exudes charm and friendliness. If I were bolder I would have taken more photos inside but a busy queue of customers made me feel too self conscious. You know what I mean, right....?
Home and Colonial Store inside
This greeney/blue paint on the shop front is one of my favourites - it's a bit like the colour I've painted the fencing in my garden.
Selling Local and Fresh
Home and Colonial Tea Store
We bought the tastiest lemon swiss roll and some potted daffodils. Wish, wish, wish I'd bought a bunch of Proteas that you can see in the pictures. Hope they have some next time.
Leek High Street selling flowers
Around the corner is the Butter Market, a fabulous Victorian indoor market, lit by lamps and coloured lights garlanding stalls of local producers - cheese, jams, baked goods, meats, haberdashery and more handicrafts. Totally in my element.
Butter Market - Leek
Pretty Leek Butter Market
There was much more to explore but we were running short of time. A cobbled open air market square with antiques that I was itching to look at was breezed past time, next time!
Butter Market Entrance
Have a lovely weekend. We will be nursing my little doggy as she is having an operation on her paw today to remove a nasty looking growth - she's probably having a toe removed. It's one of those where they won't know until they start the op. A very, very worried doggy mummy at the moment.


PhotoPuddle said...

Oh it looks lovely there. Just the sort of place I'd like to visit for a wander round.

Thedarkerside73 said...

Wow what a lovely place to visit, sounds a wonderful place to have a mooch. I love discovering places like that. The shop look so pretty too.

Hope you have a good weekend without too much worrying about your pup.


...C o w R o a d... said...

Why don't we have places like that over here? It looks like you had an absolutely fabulous trip! :-)
Many thoughts go to your poor doggie!

Toffeeapple said...

A lovely post full of colour and flavour. There used to be a Home and Colonial store in my home town, selling goods from Home and the Colonies.

I'd love to go the Butter Market.

Good wishes for your dog...

greenthumb said...

What a fabulous place all the shops look so good. Hope your little dog is on the mend and not into much pain. Have a great weekend.

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Oh I love the look of Leek - what a brilliant store Home and Colonial is and as for the Covered market I could wax on about that for days and days! I know what you mean about being awkward about photos but you have given them such a lovely write up I should think they would be very happy indeed!

Sarah -x-

sarah-jane down the lane said...

...whoops I posted that without wishing your pup well...thinking of you...such a worry, keeping everything crossed,

Sarah -x-

Anonymous said...

Looks like my sort of town. Hope your poor little dog makes a speedy recovery.
- Have just linked you on my blog after I used your free printable flags for my daughter's birthday party. Thank you!

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