Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Mini Potterer

This week's Gallery theme of My Backyard is close to my heart.

I love gardening. I have done since a child. I hope my child will too.

Little Bears Garden

Our garden has been altered this year to accommodate all of the family. A fence has been created reusing pallet tops, free, and put together by Daddy Bird with Grandad's assistance. This gives the dogs a small run to go about their ahem, daily business and also keeps Little Bird (Bear - poor child has several nicknames) safely on the decking and not have full roam of the garden unaccompanied.

Here, he wildly pushes his trucks around and in quiet moments watches the tall birch tree next door waving in the wind. He has also started showing an interest in what I'm growing. When I'm potting on my vegetables, I'll often get a blonde head peeping over my shoulder or little hands delving into compost.

helping garden


Anonymous said...

You have such a lovely garden... also cannot take my eyes off the fact your lil one has the eaxct same coat my child does! Fab taste! ;)

Love the little sign on the gate post!

Mrs B said...

Hello! Your blog is lovely!! I adore your allotment plan! Just so quirky, pretty and fun!! X

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