Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Il pleut

I wished for rain and it arrived. Now I want it to go away again....just for a little while.

My lawn is squelchy, my allotment squidgy, slugs aplenty and my socks are damp. No longer washing blowing in the breeze but the dryer eating up our pennies.

Our shoes are all muddy, the dogs smell musty and the floors are slippy. My big fat jumpers are back out of storage, I'm feeling gloomy as we can't always go out to play and we're huddled in a blanket on the sofa.

Rainy Days

However, my son has a snazzy raincoat and I have snazzier boots and we love dancing and twirling on the decking with light rain on our faces.

Everywhere is fresh and zingy green with crystal droplets.

Kitchen garden treasures are growing well and we have many books to read whilst snuggling under our knitted blanket.

Rainy days 2

But I think we are still ready for the sun to come back.


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