Sunday, 15 May 2011

Full Throttle

Everything in the garden, allotment and home life has been absolutely non stop. My list(s) keep growing as quickly as the weeds on my plot. Mainly I have been pricking out seedlings and potting on everything from Calendula and Nasturtiums to Ornamental Gourds. It's the first time I have grown the latter & I have lots! The germination rate of this v v cheap packet of seeds puchased from Lidl has been amazing. I am going to grow them up wigwams and arches for interest as unfortunately you cannot eat them. It will be a surprise to see what weird and wonderful fruits appear in late summer.


We all had a day off from being busy and went to the annual event in my town, the Thundersprint. This is a motorcycle festival with racing, vintage bikes and entertainment where the whole town is descended upon by bikers from near and far for the entire weekend.


The town is buzzing and a highlight of the event is a three lap cavalcade around the streets with weird and wacky bikes and a few scooters thrown in for the Mods.....


.... but the Rockers ruled.


Perhaps I'm biased though as in my salad days I had a motorbike.

salad box

However, I prefer my new salad days of a more gentler nature.


Mary Anne Komar said...

hello Miss Bird! Your garden allotment will be beautiful, can't wait for pictures. I live in Washington state U.S. close to the same growing conditions. Our cherry trees are loaded with blooms and the strawberries are flowering. We have 7 laying hens (pets) and so great compost! Haven't planted sweet peas, been to rainy. Lots of luck and sunshine to you!

Happy Homebird said...

Hello! I would love to have chickens. My dad has some in his backgarden so I get eggs from him but he won't let me have any of his compost! (He has an allotment too) Here's wishing to sunshine for both of us. x

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