Saturday, 28 May 2011

Quiet Moments

After the hustle and bustle of a toddler filled day, I sometimes mosey on down to the plot.

Something changes here everyday and I love that. I walk around and spot the new events.

Today, strawberries, peeking through leaves, waiting to be coloured in by the sun.

strawberry jewels

Opened foxgloves softening the edge of a compost heap.


I notice everything, every unfurling, each new bud and annoyingly, new slug munched leaves.

Sometimes I get creeped out as I do a little evening pottering- rustling, swishing, creeking wood. My imagination goes into overdrive and with a hint of the Scooby Doo swamp monster in the air I quickly scurry off home and leave the night time creatures to it.


Anonymous said...

Sounds perfect.
I know what it can be like with a toddler!

Mrs B said...

ooooh lovely! wish I had on a waiting list...

'patience is a virtue, Mrs B!'


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