Monday, 30 May 2011

Little Bird's Outdoor Adventure in Wonderland

Little Bird was sitting in the house very bored. Fed up of Mummy saying, 'No' and 'Don't touch that!' or 'Be careful!' he wondered what he could do? Suddenly out of the window ran a White Rabbit shouting 'Oh dear! I shall be late!' and looking at his pocket watch. Little Bird became very curious and decided to try and follow him through the cat flap.

Through the cat flap

Falling, spinning, spinning he went shooting out until bump, he landed giggling uncontrollably on some wooden decking in the big wide outdoors. GREAT, fresh air! He sees a gate with a beautiful garden beyond but cannot get through as he doesn't have a key. The White Rabbit appears again but is frightened by the noisy tearaway toddler and drops his gloves. These gloves are magic and the gate mysteriously opens to a garden that looks like amazing fun!

water table

Look, a water table with lots of colourful buckets and funnels! But what are these birds doing dancing? A Caucus-Race around it to get dry apparently. Poor Mr Dodo gets a nose chew and our tot enjoys throwing the toys out and then putting them back again whilst splashing around in the warm water. Too much watery frivolity causes the animals to disappear and our venturer finds himself in a lush green garden. Tramping across the long grass he whirls around excitedly especially when a frog jumps out at him. Ribbit! Such new wild wonders at 17 months old.


A bleeping noise and flashing lights direct him to a caterpillar sat near a lovely red mushroom. Ooh great, toys outside. The caterpillar, a dignified fellow became angry at his rough treatment and orders him away. No matter as Little Bird has found some very unusual items to prod and poke at. Giant insects, huge flowers, tickly leaves and the Queen's (plastic) greenhouse to be very cheeky and tip seed trays over in. Why not a good trampling over the flower beds to get very muddy aswell? There goes a bouncy ball - hey, isn't it that frog I saw earlier?


Tra la la, tra la la -probably mummy making a cup of tea? This deserves further investigation to see if my lunch is ready. The tiny explorer has an outdoor tea party with all sorts of goodies. Gosh this makes a nice change from the highchair.
'More tea' says the Mad Hatter but quickly withdraws his best china and offers a plastic beaker instead. Suddenly, there is shouting...'Oh Dear', says the March Hare, 'You're in trouble. The Queen has found her prized flowers crushed and mushed by your little paws!'

mad hatters tea party

Little Bird quickly dashes back to the house without looking back. 'Mummmmmmy!!'
A snoozy snoring little toddler is there in his bed, it must have all been a dream. Perhaps?



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Anonymous said...

You ought to turn this into a story book - really enjoyed reading it, what an imagination!

Anonymous said...

I agree,fantastic!xx

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