Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Blog room update - bees and birds

I have mentioned last month about my new blogging room and how it is coming together. I want it to be full of curiosities and vintage items, old prints, interesting things that I come across in charity shops, auctions or junk shops and stalls. It's coming together slowly I feel, I'm so imapatient and want it full of shelves like a museum right now. I want the room to have some new too since I can't take away my love for plastic unicorn lights and fluffy pens.

 The latest addition is just what I needed, a mirror for sorting out my hair or putting some lip gloss on and also throwing some extra light into the room, I love candles flickering seen in a mirror too on a autumn day. And so I found this super bee printed mirror from Red Candy which ticks my vintage nature inspired items box too. It's a good size for the room, the mirror is approximately 42x30cm and the design is perfect for the Victoriana / museum look that will eventually knit together as I collect more items. You can see the lovely new lamp shade too, the swallow design and the mustard colour goes really well with the bee. The design of the mirror is simple, classy and vintage and would look equally as good in the hallway but for the moment I'm keeping it here.
Vintage bee mirror

This wall mounted shelf was from a local vintage shop and was found lurking outside by the main shop, my eyes spotted it straight away and I knew it would be perfect to showcase all kinds of things. As you can see below, it's ideal for my random trinkets accumulated over the years, Fisher Price vintage radio toy, a glass Christmas decoration or two, spiky pot plant, kitsch religious items and funky pink pineapple light and not forgetting a voodoo doll.
Blogging room display

Red Candy are such a cool company to source eclectic and exciting homeware items from so I had a further scout about the website to find items for the blogging room. Sweep wants an old school telephone and I love this grey and orange one. The candle, I've seen before, Pyropets, they burn down to leave the metal skeleton inside so that fits in with the spooky home vibe. Also anything school or sciencey related so the apothecary jar and conical flask to pop a succulent into would look great. Finally a bird skull jewellery holder which I would just use for display as I'm not a blingy person but it would go with the actual seagull skulls we picked up on the beach recently and I can't resist a fox in clothes and this autumnal one could have my blogging cake on it or actually it would look gorgeous on display too.

Currently I am adding to the room with Halloween items, it's the best time of year to sort out the decor for an all year round spooky home....more of this to come soon.....
Red Candy items

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