Friday, 7 September 2018

Happy Boo Day

Happy 1st birthday Boo
Or Boo Pumpkin as your full name is.
Or the other names you get called like Bookin, schnabbing thing, Booky-boo, Boosaphine, ginger shedder.

August saw one year of our Boo bear, feisty orangeyness, shoe thief, toy snatching jealous paws, bouncy as a tigger, bed burrowing duvet cave sleeping dog, a cosy hot waterbootle.

So we had a little doggy party.
boo dog's 1st birthday

From little pumpkin cupcake of gorgeousness to lion pawed sausage dog impersonator. Furrowed brow and ears that make her head look square when she is alert.
Boo as a puppy

Such fun you bring Boo and you are adored. Some mishaps over the year like your tendency to break out into hives, the slicing of your leg requiring stitches and getting out onto the road. Oh and burning your ear on a candle (not the cake candle) or so we think that's what you did. Your energy gets you into trouble, jumping onto the worktop and stealing food, bouncing around the house, tearing aound with your doggy sister and new brother. We've had training together where you started as the unruly pupil but you learnt to work well with me and won the trainers' hearts. You may have slipped into bad habits again but we love you so much.

Happy 1st birthday wonderful Boo!
Boo 1 year

Cone head dog Puppy sleeping pup in a bow


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