Sunday, 17 June 2018

Styling my new creative room

I have a new room that needs some styling, it's going to be part study, work room and a place where hopefully creative things happen. I want this room to encompass all the ideas I've been collating on my weird and wonderful Pinterest board - dark shelves of Victoriana and curiosities, skulls and botanicals, old photos and postcards frames.

Here are my ideas and we shall see how the room takes shape as time goes on.

Vintage nature prints

I'll be searching junk shops and having a look online for vintage flora and fauna prints that I can hang up in my creative room, which has yet to have a name, perhaps blogging room might be the final choice. I love collections of things and illustrations are perfect, grouping together bugs and butterflies or ferns and flowers. The RHS have some super prints available, I have some in postcard form of 19th century seed catalogue covers, beautifully coloured and bringing inspiration for some of the work I intend on doing. Postcards are a cheap way of decorating and some I've picked up as wonderful freebies from flower shows that I can hang up with bulldog clips and string.

bug illustrations

botanical RHS print
see RHS for similar

Industrial Lighting

I'd like the room to have an industrial feel, an element of school science laboratory and workshop with utilitarian vibes, metal and brick but softened by the floral elements of the illustrations. I am particular in love with pendant lights that bring a warm glow and a modern warehouse feel. Against the rusticity of a brick wall or the wood of shelving a metallic of copper or  sleek black light  would look great and would add the look I want to my room.  My next element is something I purchased recently and I'm very much adoring it.
Pendant lights industrial feel

School items

I purchased a mid century desk and chair off eBay, massively loving them and the oak wood against the metal handles on the desk. The retro beech and blue vinyl of the chair makes me want to line up some glass school milk bottles on a shelf and some vintage chemistry set glassware, use them as stem vases.  Currently I'm looking out for a big wooden cupboard reminiscent of Mrs Battersby in primary school year 2, full of white glue in bottles and paints in squeezy tubes. Also some simple wooden shelves on brackets for displaying curious items but even better would be a curiosity cabinet.
mid century school desk and chair

Cabinet of curiosities

Probably my ultimate desire is to have a cabinet full of weird things, whatever that may be, birds skulls, not the human finger bone I recently found in a mole hill in a churchyard though (promptly placed back) but other found objects, something to spend time looking over, seeking inspiration and a touch of the gothic. So far I have a voodoo doll and a mini pumpkin left from last year that has gone solid. Also some feathers and remains of hatched bird eggs found in the garden, a combination of nature and the sublime.
curiosity cabinet

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