Friday, 9 February 2018

Muddy paws, puddles and waggy tails

We have always had dogs but since last year we have, for the first time brought puppies into the home. Boo is 6 months and then we added Pixie into the mix. So....three dogs, one very old and two young. The joy from them is of course immense, they cheer me up on gloomy days and my son loves their antics and has a lovely bond with them that draws him out of his shell. They complete the home.
Floppy eared puppy

However, three dogs does create mess and whilst I love them, keeping a house clean was at first a little challenging with the muddy paws, the puppy toilet training and that doggy smell (that often I don't notice), oh and the hair..... 

I have a few tips, from my general experience of how to enjoy a home with a waggy tail or tails and still be able to feel like the house is presentable. 

Firstly, I cannot be more happy with having wood flooring as it is extremely easy to keep looking clean and is infinitely better than a carpet in the downstairs rooms of my home. Any pup mess is cleared up and wiped with disinfectant, any hair is vacuumed and I have a seamless clean space from the front door to the kitchen that looks bright and airy. Whilst training the pups, of course there will be accidents as they are learning and well sometimes it can take a while. Muddy paws after walks are mostly dealt with using a small towel by the door and as part of handling training they are used to their paws being wiped and handled gently. The wooden floor is easily kept clean and I use a scented disinfectant - actually I have a cinnamon Zoflora addiction that makes the house smell of Christmas. I can't imaging having carpet and the smells that would be retained. The wooden floor is practical and durable and is a super choice if you have pets....and children. It keeps dust down and feels really hygenic. 
puppies playing

The pups have their own beds, so they have a cosy space to snuggle in at any point during the day. Pixie has decided that a space under the table and by the radiator (clever girl) is the place to be. However, yes they do also choose to snooze on the furniture and I'm ok with this as they are my babies and that's just the way I've always been with dogs. But I have a selection of throws and blankets in a basket that I use that have a rotation of being washed, frequently at the moment. This keeps the actual sofa ok and I can easily freshen things up. This is so handy for when friends come over and I can swap a sofa throw quickly and other people aren't leaving covered in dog hair - except for when they jump all over guests of course :) 
Febreeze is also your friend! Baking soda is another good item to have, sprinkle it on any accidents on soft furnishings or carpet and it draws the wet and the smell out - another reason why I prefer the wooden flooring as it avoids this......I recommend stair gates to keep your furry friends downstairs. My pups only go upstairs supervised so I don't find surprises in the bedrooms!
Patterpoo puppy

For general doggy smells I have scented candles and wax tarts, a hoard of them. The litttle votives and wax melts are cheap and cheerful and they look pretty in a glass jar too. You can get pet smell neutralising candles too, Price's do a great one and I've seen them in the vets for sale too. Frequently airing the house helps too on nice sunny days - hopefully some of them to look forward to in spring. I try not to use air freshener sprays when the dogs are around as they make them sneeze. 

Finally, what better than a warm bubble bath for the dogs. It's a good thing to get the pups used to having a scrub and a nice experience for them and keeps coats smelling lovely and clean. I've been using a special pup shampoo and also trying to start grooming their hair, particularly Pixie who is rough coated and the shedder of the two. My elderly dog is not up for baths as much and she doesn't get herself muddy anymore so some pet wipes keep her fresh, although we do bathe her paws from time to time if she's got into a mess in the garden - usually due to her vision not being as good anymore. 

So.....if you visit me, I hope you find my home smelling fresh but you may have to sit on the floors....
Three sleeping dogs

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