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So......October was sad for we lost Billy, our beloved terrier after a long illness and I want to write about that another time for it's still that awful pain where it makes your heart sink. Losing dogs in October seems to be a thing for Milly also ran over the rainbow bridge a few years ago in the same month and I'm only just getting over that. However, maybe because it's the colder end of the year and the sight of the woodburner with a space in front of it on an empty cushion makes me think......there's a dog out there needing a home. For I am a dog person through and through, I have paw prints pattering across my heart.

So.........a random find, a dash out one evening to a house and there she was with her sister. I was drawn to the sister pup at first but then my pup-to-be quietly approached Little Bird and licked his hand. A sign, a sign and so it was.....scooped up in arms, back over the Runcorn Bridge with a bundle of toffee coloured fluff. Her name was decided before I'd even seen her....nearly favourite time of year and so she was named Boo.
pup and me

Into the house with a sprinkle of wee and a scurry, this way that way. Our older dog Tara who is 16 wondering what on earth was happening.
Puppy and old dog

You know how most people plan for a pup, prepare for a while. No, not me. Impulsive and driven by my heart. On the way home we had to stop at Pets at Home for all the essentials, pup under arm I grabbed puppy food, pads, some toys, puppy milk and gathered a few oooh and snuggles as we went through the of the perks of a pup.

The first few days were a whirl of mopping up puddles, playing with toys and cuddling on the sofa. A pudgy squashy orangey coloured pup and a new pal.
sleeping pup
A new friend for Tara too, even if she did get a bit fed up of Boo jumping up at the loose bit of her collar. No collar for Boo at first, no mum it's too itchy. This was obviously a few weeks ago and I'm catching up, so seeing how little she looks here is very sweet.
Pup and old friend
Puppy looking up
I have forgotten to say, Boo is apparently a Cavajack or also known as a Jackalier, so a Jack Russell crossed with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. When we got her she was 9 weeks old.
Puppy and me

The first days we spent getting to know each other, with her tucked in beside me on the sofa, whilst I read and had Disney films on in the background. Her barking (well more of a yap) at the dogs on 101 Dalmatians. Some play with tug toys and bouncy balls and then more sleeping. She was pretty quick to sleep all the way through the night without needing the toilet but poor Boo had a bit of an icky time with round worm - the most disgusting things in the world so a couple of trips to the vet happened and she was soon rid of them. Urghhhh!!!
Sleeping puppy

The vet gave us a puppy pack which covered her vaccinations, microchip, flea and worm treatments and a health check a few weeks later. It was around £50 which also included a months free insurance and some treats, a lead and a frisbee :)  I think she may have had an antibiotic shot as a precaution and a tube of Pro-Kolin which is a paste you put into your pets food to help settle tummy issues and chronic diarrhoea. The joys! Things to be aware of though.

And so that was back in October and I  have much to catch up on and tell you about.

I'll leave you with the cutest picture of her asleep.
Sleeping puppy


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