Monday, 19 February 2018

How to Design a Luxury Bathroom and Kitchen on a Budget

Everyone wants a high-end look for their home, but most of us don’t have the budget to allow this. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can dupe those expensive tile looks to give you a sophisticated finish that won’t break the bank. 

Marble Effect 
A great way of adding some much needed luxury is with the addition of some marble effect tiles. Made from porcelain, marble effect tiles simply carry the look of marble for that gorgeous, expensive look. The best part about using a marble effect tile is that its made from the highly accessible porcelain. This means regular cleaning methods are all that is needed to maintain these tiles long term. 
marble effect bathroom

Patterned Tiles 
Hugely on trend right now, patterned tiles can help you to get a stylish and contemporary look in no time. Whether they be coloured or monochromatic, patterned tiles add dimension and class to a room. Their contemporary look in unparalleled and work beautifully when paired with plain tiles for a stark contrast. Whether they be used on walls or floors, patterned tiles can help any bathroom or kitchen to immediately look like as though it costs ten times as much as it really did. 
patterned tiles

Slate Effect 
All the rage right now, rustic homes are more popular than ever. Their dreamy combination of old and new gives them a stand out look that somehow captures modernity with a familiar, homely twist. A great way of starting this look is with slate effect tiles. Traditionally, slate tiles make excellent kitchen floor tiles, and the porcelain equivalent is not different. As with marble effect tiles, slate effect tiles are also made from porcelain. This makes them much easier to look after than a natural slate, so is something to consider if you’re torn between the two. 
Slate floor

 Mosaic Tiles 
 Mosaic tiles are perfect for creating a point of interest in a room. Whether it be a feature wall or a splashback, mosaic tiles catch the eye thanks to their beautiful shine. When working to a budget however, a whole mosaic wall could be just out of your price range. A way around this is to instead use mosaics on a smaller scale. Mosaic tiles make perfect borders around a room, splashbacks above cookers or sinks or even as a strip down one wall or in the shower area. This still adds that point of interest without sending your wallet running. Mosaic tiles aren’t sold as individual tiny pieces as some people presume. They are actually sold in sections with a mesh backing, which makes creating designs easy and not at all time consuming. And there you have it! Four tile ideas for creating expensive looks that don’t live up to their expected price tag. With modern advancements in manufacturing, porcelain effect tiles can hold their own against the real thing and give everyone the chance to work with a huge variety of aesthetics. 
Mosaic splashback in a kitchen

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