Thursday, 1 February 2018

Thinking back to Christmas

Christmas collage

Late to capture the Christmas cheer
Well into the start of another busy year
Yule now just a dried up sprig of fir
Behind cupboards and lurking in corners behind a wreathless door
Memories contained in that gold glitter sprinkled
and the remnants of wrapping paper used as a bookmark crinkled

Toys not yet played and gifts not yet homed,
Waiting for chance to look at them I moaned
Cards of robins giving tidings from over in Yorkshire
Still not thanked them, really must oughta

But now the momentums been lost like the giftcard for Boots
Gone with the brazil nuts, salted peanuts, dried fruits
Ah no wait a minute we have bags of them left
Bought far too much, they'll do for this year instead

Still using up sprays and candles all cinammon and spiced
Can't quite switch to spring posy or cotton sheet nights
Spare fairylight bulbs in the Santa mug on the shelf
A lingering troupe of mantlepiece angels and where is that Elf?
Armchair book stacks of old wintry tales,
Pop-up Nutcracker and the folklore of wassails.

The evening clouds roll in soon after tea
Kindling pinecone lit fires, sat with dog outstretched on my knee
Longing for spring but then happy to wait for its start
Keeping the spirit of Christmas-not-quite-finished in my heart


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