Monday, 19 December 2016

My bathroom plans for 2017

When you have a period property like mine, which is late Victorian, it can be tricky deciding whether to go for traditional or modern design when decorating and renovating. Keeping in a style according to the house age, sympathetic to the time period gives a cohesive look that flows well but then modern design when chosen right can be an interesting contrast.

One room I really need to update in 2017 due to wear and tear is the bathroom. Unfortunately the shower unit is broken, the motor is no longer working and needs a new one installing, the bath was damaged when tiling the walls and the general fixtures and fittings have not been of lasting quality and need replacing.

My main feature in the bathroom is definitely the shower, I'm not a bath person at all to be honest but my little boy loves a huge bubble bath. For me, the best thing is a lovely hot shower that wakes me up in the morning and then one in the evening that is refreshing and washes the worries of the day away. However my broken shower system gives a mere trickle of water rather than a blast and has been frustrating for a while now, what with a plumber letting us down and then other areas of the home needing attention. I need to start shopping around looking at shower heads and new thermostatic mixers so my showers can return to their relaxing state. I actually love fairly modern features in the bathroom with a plain white suite, perhaps a hint of vintage in the design of the sink and decoration, the rest though is contemporary. I'd like to make sure that the shower head is large for maximum spray with different spray options such as the 
Grohe shower head  from SuperBath which is 160mm wide with the option of rain, champagne, jet and pure sprays. This would be wonderful for a shower that makes me feel warm rather than currently shivering under a drip of water. It also has a SpeedClean anti lime system within the shower head that cleans and gives the product a longer lifespan against the problems that calciferous water can cause to the shower jets.
Image sources: SuperBath, Home2Love and The Ana Mum Diary/Anthropology

There are a couple of options for my shower, either a system with a hand shower or one that has a shower arm fixed from the wall with a shower head attached. The
Hansgrohe hand shower would be an option, made from plastic with chrome finishing it's affordable with a large shower jet for a good spray of water from a 137mm head. But I love the sleek look of a Hansgrohe shower arm combined with a mixer unit. I was interested to learn that Hansgrohe have been in business since 1901 and were the makers of the first hand shower, a company renowned for their innovative design. So a decision needs to be made over the type of fitting but I'm going to try and get this sorted for early 2017 so my showers are restored and i'm no longer cold.
Hansgrohe showers
Image source: SuperBath

I'm hoping that when I replace the important shower fixtures that my grey sparkly tiles are able to stay in place so I don't need to re-tile. The grey has worked really well to give an airy and relaxing feel with both the white suite and white painted walls so I would really like to keep them in place.I also think they add a vintage feel to the room so that the modern features such as the shower are balanced out. Adding decorations too such as bottles and old mirrors keeps a Victorian feel in the bathroom so I can choose lovely shiny contemporary shower fittings such as those by Hansgrohe and Grohe at SuperBath. Add to this some new fluffy towels and I'll be back to having the calming sanctuary of a bathroom once more.
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