Friday, 23 December 2016

Fresh start my home in 2017

The New Year is just around the corner, a fresh start for many things and a good time to make house plans. I've been thinking about what projects to start in 2017 to improve my home whether large or small. Some rooms just need decorating, a new paint scheme to freshen things up and other rooms have DIY tasks that require some help from a trades person and I have some renovations to think about too.

Front rooms and doors
The issue with the front room is that the front door opens straight into the house so with two dogs and a child, whenever somebody calls or a parcel is delivered I am trying to stop mainly my terrier from escaping between my legs. He's a real scamp and goes quite erratic when anybody comes to the front door and it's a busy road hence it's always a worry. Also the door can be drafty and although there is a door curtain, the cold still sneaks in and the money we spend heating the house is wasted in that room. What I'd like to do is have a vestibule built into the front room which would solve those issues and we will have a cosier and safer situation. I'll need a builder/joiner to do this so in the New Year will be trying to find somebody to do this. It would also be a place to put muddy boots and  the dog leads so a practical space too although small. 

The front door also needs an update. One to suit the Victorian style of the house that will give curb appeal and improve the exterior of the home. A new door will hopefully be better insulated than the current one and add to saving money on fuel bills. I would like door furniture that looks more vintage and give the front of the house a spruce up that will brighten and make the home more welcoming.
Image sources: clockwise Cotswood// Home Talk//Alyaa // Ideal Home
Loft Room
The room in our house that doubles both as a bedroom and as storage has to be really creative in terms of space and decoration. It needs to be bright and airy, have solutions for housing all the things like Christmas decorations and extra toys but be tidy and functioning as a tranquil space to sleep. Under this eaves would be ideal to have some cabinets built in so that the room would have a less cluttered feel and bags and boxes could be hidden away.

The loft window needs some dressing as in the summer the bright mornings although lovely, wake you up far too early so I need some smart VELUX blinds to blackout the room and also insulate the room more on cold days. It's one of my favourite views out of this window, across the town towards the river so to have it less cluttered I could easily access the space more to have a relaxing look out the window every so often. 

When the room is not being used as a bedroom, I would really like the space to be somewhere to study too since I'm doing my post grad. A desk and a bookcase for my history books where I could study in peace, especially when an important paper is due in. Up in the loft is like hiding away a little so the rest of the house can be busy and I can have some thinking space. 
Loft space used as a study
Image source: Ideal Home

Kitchen Tiling
The kitchen firstly needs a coat of new paint and then I'd like some white metro tiles used part way up the walls. There used to be brown tiles to that same height and when they were removed it left an uneven finish that has been annoying me for over 12 months now. Shiny white tiles would really make the kitchen sparkle and be easier to clean from splashes of food from cooking and my son making a mess. The kitchen units need a paint touch up in places and then the room just needs blitzing to make more use of the cupboard space. I'm also still waiting for my new oven *sigh* which has been delayed due to a new plug socket being required - is it ever easy to get things sorted in the house? Hopefully 2017's home improvement plans will go better than 2016's has!

kitchen white tiles
Image source: Apartment Therapy
I think that there is quite enough planned in terms of decorating and renovating that other house improvements will be of the accessories sort - the quick wins that cheer you up. I need a new rug for the front room for cosy feet by the fireplace and a new throw for the sofa as my naughty terrier dog has put a hole in the current one. Everything else I will reuuse and fix in the spirit of make do and mend. I've lots of pictures and ornaments, if anything I'll be simplifying the scheme a bit in 2017. 

I love making plans for updates to the house, I do love my little home and spending time improving the way it looks makes me happy. Until then I'm going to spend Christmas relaxing with some house magazines and a cup of tea, dreaming of my future study room and front door. 


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