Friday, 1 April 2016

Getting a good night's sleep after the clocks change

Sunday morning was a tiring one, up an hour early thanks to our tradition of the clocks going forward by hour in the spring for Daylight Saving Time. Since 1916 we have during the summer months changed the time in order to have the extra daylight in the evening. What's interesting is that the man who campaigned for this to happen, William Willett is Coldplay's Chris Martin's great-great grandfather! 

Annoying at first and it can really disrupt the house with our son's sleep patterns getting messed up and the adjustment can take a while, daylight in the evenings means it's not time to go to bed for little folk - it's not dark!

However, I don't mind it at all as I can get out into the garden a bit in the evenings and on days out there's the extra daylight for stopping off at churches to explore on the way home. 

So on Sunday after losing an hour of sleep and having to be at the church to ring the Easter bells at 9am, I was pretty shattered and ultimately looking forward to catching up on some snooze time of which I need plenty. However, it would be great to have a bit of a bedroom update, namely the bed in order to get a better night's sleep. It's amazing how the right mattress can make you sleep so much better and this is what the Bruno Mattress can help you with. Founded in 2012 by two work colleagues around poor nights sleep caused by uncomfortable mattresses led them to the idea of creating a perfect one suitable for everyone at a great price.

The Bruno Mattress was born and is made from high quality materials researched and consulted with orthopaedic experts. A 100% natural and air permeable latex foam layer is used for that ultimate comfort and this is hypo-allergenic, an important factor in our household with our son's autism. It also helps with temperature regulation helping with the usual problem of being too hot in summer and too cold in winter. 
Bruno mattress

The top cover is conveniently washable which is super as you know your mattress can be kept clean, helping with allergies too. The mattresses are suitable for all due to their clever 7-Zone Support Base that ergonomically supports your spine and hip and shoulders so whatever position you sleep in, you will be comfortable cutting down on frequent night waking. 
Bruno Mattress comfort

The mattresses are made in Germany and are available in all sizes from single to super king with free delivery in the UK. Prices start from £350.

Mattress shopping has always felt so complicated to me but knowing that you can buy one that suits all is a huge plus factor to me and straightforward with their 10 year guarantee and 30 day  now 101 Night Risk Free Trial. Mattresses are what Bruno specialise in, their research and high standards offer a product that can be trusted to help you have the perfect night's sleep.

After a few days, thankfully I think my son has now adjusted to the time change and his sleep pattern has been ok. Being able to get out into the garden to play has helped him (and me) to burn off more energy and feel a bit more rested come bedtime. I've tried to not drink as much caffeine in the evenings too as I have often found myself still awake at 3am after too much tea. 

What tips do you have for a good night's sleep? 


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