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Degustabox March - bunnies and popcorn for post Easter treats

Degustabox March

A great Degustabox arrived alas we have all been ill throughout the month and have hardly eaten but it was a great month for treats and some items to cheer us up. Here is what was in March's box of goodies:
Skinny popcorn
Metcalfe's Skinny Popcorn in cinema sweet flavour, £1.50. I love popcorn and this is super as it is sweetened with natural stevia leaf extract - 67% less sugar than other sweet popcorns. A serving has only 93 calories making it a lovely low cal snack. 
Chewits sweets

A classic from my childhood but I sadly didn't have these because of my veneered teeth and passed them over to the OH who gladly took them to munch at his workdesk. Chewits, 4 x 35p in blackcurrant and strawberry flavours. I had no idea they had been going for so long but then I should remember that I am 38 (eeek) and had them in primary school. In actual fact they started in Southport in the late 60's and did you know the mascot is called Chewie the Chewitsaurus.
Pipers crisps

Pipers Crisps £2.00, in Cheddar & Onion flavour and very cheesy they were. The brand has won various awards such as 'Best Snack Brand' and the company prides itself in using locally sourced potatoes in sunflower oil and seasoned with hand crafted West Country cheese. Can't go wrong with crisps for me and I'd seek these out again and look for their other flavours too - especially the Cider Vinegar and Sea Salt.

Greek Meze snack
Karyatis Meze To Go £1.99 I was so excited when I saw this but couldn't see a vegetarian symbol on it and had to look up.....and of course that was because it's not, so I couldn't have it :( I love dips like this too, have to assume the Feta has rennet in it. OH won't eat it either so one still sat in the cupboard. Great snack idea, if only they'd use vegetarian cheese. 
Weetabix on the go drinks
Weetabix On the Go Breakfast Drinks 2 x £1.50, Blueberry & Blackberry, Strawberry & Raspberry. OH had these when he was in the usual morning rush and really enjoyed them. I'm pretty sure we tried these last year too and these are new flavours to the range. Containing the energy and fibre of Weetabix with milk, vitamins, iron and calcium they make a really handy quick breakfast. 
Hide & Seek biscuits

Monaco biscuits
Little square biscuits with chocolate chips, Hide & Seek 59p and savoury Monaco biscuits 39p. Cheap and cheerful snacks, we ate these on a day out. 
Kallo multigrain cakes

Two lots of Kallo products, Milk Chocolate Rice Cake Rounds £1 and Quinoa & Seeds Multigrain Cakes £1.89. My son loved the chocolate ones and these are now part of the weekly shop. Belgian choc on puffed wholegrain rice. 
I lked the quinoa ones as a savoury snack with cheese or peanut butter on.
Hemp milk

A dairy free milk offering, Good Hemp £1.49. Not too bad with cereal but I couldn't get used to the taste in tea or coffee. It's a great source of Omega 3 and is allergen free, useful for those people on restricted diets.
cranberry and orange stuffing

Cranberry & Orange Stuffing from Kents Kitchen, £1.85. Easy to make, just add water and bake. Lovely with a  roast dinner or some meat alternative, then great on sandwiches the day after. The range has some great combinations using natural ingredients and chunky pieces of fruit. 
Brioche Pasquier £1.40 A firm favourite of my sons so all gone before I had chance to take a picture. Pain au chocolate individually wrapped so we take them as day trip snacks. 
Finally the best item of the month.......
Lindt white chocolate bunny

Lindt white chocolate bunny, £2.99. Was so excited to open the box and find this bunny. All mine, what else is there to say but delicious. 

Overall, despite our poorly month we had a good try of the products in March's Degustabox. Lots of nice treats and a good range of products for the £12.99 value of the box since the items added up to far more than that. 

If you would like to try Degustabox, the code  BLDEG15 will get you an amazing £6 discount.

*I received a Degustabox for the purpose of the review, words are my own honest opinion.


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