Friday, 7 February 2014

Valentines Gifts in Unusual Places

Valentines - running gear set a blogger's challenge to select five items from their website that would be perfect gifts for their partner on Valentines Day. We don't really celebrate Valentines as such but perhaps alternative presents (and ones that are useful) would be great and much more appreciated.

Daddy Bird is running the London Marathon this year for the Brainwave charity who help children with development disabilities fulfil their potential. Our son has been on the Brainwave programme and we thought it would be good to help them in return by DB using his running skills to raise money for them. So for Valentines Day there could be no better gift that some running gear to help him DB on his way for training and the actual event in April.

All the items I chose are pictured and listed above and there was a great choice to select from. Firstly a super Adidas running jacket which is good for running on these cold days yet is light and won't be uncomfortable or slow him down. Some proper running socks by Nike to prevent horrid blisters and they are made from Dri-Fit fabric so the feet don't get too ermmmm....sweaty :)

Men in tights indeed but DB has been telling me all about how great running tights would be on cold days, keeping his legs from being lashed by the wind and rain on the country roads where he trains. Apparently all the serious lunchtime runners at work wear them. The Nike running tights would provide super comfort without restricting movement. For drier, warmer days and probably for the marathon itself I would get him some great quality Adidas running shorts and a Nike vest that looks super but also is a material which will help him keep cool.

I think he would be so pleased with this running gear for Valentines Day as the marathon is so important to him for both his own personal achievement and knowing we are helping children like our son. There's a lot of love involved in his running so gifts such as these would mean more than your usual Valentines Day gifts as they have such as personal meaning to him.


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