Thursday, 22 August 2013

Dig the City - Part 2

Flower market 
Back in Manchester again for the second part of the horticultural meets city tour. The first half is here if you haven't seen it. I was really tempted to buy another Hydrangea as the one in our garden didn't flower this year - no idea why? I think I'm going to get one in the spring to go in a big tub at the front door so I can manage the pH of the soil better. I'd like to blur the edges of our small driveway a little with some flowers.... so Hydrangea and Lavender will be a pretty combination. Think froth. 
Another idea I have is to put a mini pond together and the picture below has inspired me with Primulas and Astilbe as marginals.
 Mini Pond 
Through the arcade into King Street where all the posh shops are. 
King Street Manchester 
To a funny little alley with umbrellas above and interesting detail. Boardman's Entry it is called, found after a bit of internet searching. The inspiration for the brollies was the scientist John Dalton who apparently kept weather records of rainy Manchester. I found a great site by the way for finding amazing architectural delights in the city  - Skyliner
umbrella alley Boardman's Entry Manchester Shoe detail Boardman's Entry 
Gorgeous VW Campervan that I would love. Some care has gone into restoring this.
Lawn Green VW Camper Van Boardman's Entry Manchester Spooky entry 
Vertical gardening ideas here reminding me to complete my pallet garden next year. I think this is so effective and will break up the fence at the bottom of our garden a bit. I'm thinking grasses and Day Lillies with some Heucheras .
Vertical garden 
Little Bird loved his buggy ride around Manchester. He has become very lazy recently and just will not walk anywhere. If we don't take the pushchair with us he runs around the front of us, arms up and if we don't pick him up there will be a full on knees tantrum. He's 2 stone and my arms are going to be stretched. 
What to do? 
 Buggy travels 
John Rylands Library - a truly spectacular building. I've never been inside which is shocking and seek to remedy this soon. 
 John Ryland Library Manchester 
Next to such modernity. 
I fancy one of these huge red pots at the front door. Hmmm I may be on the lookout for one now and paint it up. 
Big red pots 
Glass, glass, glass.
Spinningfield's Manchester The Avenue Manchester 
A city garden, very trendy with the orange chair. Must grow Dahlias next year.
City garden 
More my style. Rustic and using whatever is available. Plenty of herbs.
Manchester community garden 
I think this the back of The Palace Theatre. Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland with the colours.
Old buildings Manchester
Cupcake cafe! Box shrubs in shocking pink containers - yes please. Another idea.
Cupcake shop Manchester 
That concludes my little tour around Manchester and I did get some inspiration for our front and back gardens. I'm doing nothing more than tidy up the garden now, no more spending aside from spring bulbs. It's always nice to make a few plans to get you through the winter's armchair gardening though. 

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?


Mammasaurus said...

Brilliant photos, I so wish I had been there because it all looks so pretty. Vertical gardening is the way forward me thinks - must get some more inspiration ready for next year!

My mother has a camper van a bit like that, just a different colour. Think surfer gran !

Thanks for joining in again and sharing - just so lovely to sit and look at x

Anonymous said...

Wow, Manchester has changed a lot since I last visited- about 10 years ago! My husband is always in Manchester with work, maybe I should go with him next time! I wouldn't mind visiting the cupcake cafe! Not sure about the posh bits, will have to do some window shopping! Any good charity shops?
I'm also having the same problem with little Pea not wanting to walk anywhere so it ends up with her being carried! Too heavy to be carried or pushed but still too small (or lazy!) to walk very far. I guess it doesn't help that i walk at 100 miles an hour!!!

greenthumb said...

You have taken some really great and interesting photos, looks like a great day out.

Jean said...

Great photos of Manchester, I was invited to take part in Dig the City but could do it. Glad you enjoyed it :)

Unknown said...

That flower market looks great, so many hydrangeas!! Love the painted palettes, that's given me some inspiration for when I build mine - which I'm sure will be wonkier and a bit less impressive :)

Nichola Fabfortymum said...

Oh wow these are just stunning pictures, it would be wonderful if every city looked as gorgeous as this all the time :)

Charlotte said...

Great photos, they make me want to visit Manchester! Love the vertical gardening, it's such a versatile thing to do, it would be so, so useful for my tiny garden.

Anonymous said...

I loved the Hulme community garden, it was my favourite in the show gardens. Great pictures

Laura said...

Lovely photographs, very evocative. Laura x

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