Friday, 9 August 2013

Garden Chickens

sunny old shed
Back snooping around my parent's garden. Feeding the chickens and tending to the older poorly chuck that has her own separate pen as she was getting picked on. The rabbits live in here too.
Chicken pen
Dad built the pen himself and what an accommodation it is for these lucky chickens. Dad's been keeping chickens for about 6 years and this is the second flock now. I'm lucky too as I get all my eggs for free which equals LOTS of cakes to bake....
Shed junk
It's quite hard work. Dad spends a lot of time cleaning them out, tending to them and letting the older chicken that gets bullied walk around the garden, accompanied of course. They used to have one chicken that came inside to watch tv every night. 
Chicken run
Mum's trinkets and treasures balance Dad's more working areas of the garden. This is my childhood garden and it used to be quite different with a stripy lawn and rows of marigolds. Funny how our gardens change over time to suit our interests.
Sycamore tree with lanterns Smile pebble Topiary Heart
I told you....plenty of ornaments......
An old sink with herbs growing and cat nip and cat grass for the two feline friends that live here.
Herb Sink Policeman garden ornament
Mum has claimed this area outside the side door as her own. Painted the veg storage shed and planted her flowers and herbs here. I think it works that they have their own separate areas although they do both enjoy helping with the chickens together. Feisty bunch they are, poor mum got swooped off her feet whilst feeding them veg scraps last week :)
Garden courtyard
Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?


greenthumb said...

What a lovely garden your mum and dad have, lucky you getting free eggs.

Sharon said...

I love all the garden trinkets

BavarianSojourn said...

What a lovely place! Jealous of your fresh eggs! :)

Toffeeapple said...

Such continuity, to have known the same garden since your childhood, that is really special.

I wish I could keep chickens, I love the sound of them.

Anna B said...

I love the snoop and how cool they used to have a tv watching chicken!!!!

Unknown said...

Love your heart wreath and I'm jealous of your chickens, I hope to have some one day! :)

Mammasaurus said...

We used to keep chicken - wonderful birds and such characters! I love what Toffleapple commented above about the continuity - my mum moved after my father passed away and I must admit I miss the garden I grew up in x

Apologies for not spotting you had joined the garden linky till now - I'll add you in to tomorrows one too for the others that missed you x

Mary @over40andamumtoone said...

I love the idea of having chickens, and finding eggs in the morning for breakfast, sadly our garden is way too small.

The Reading Residence said...

It's all so lovely :-) That chicken enclosure looks huge and love the idea of a TV watching chicken! We're considering getting some chickens here, but I doubt we'd be able to create anything as great as your dad's home for them.

Shell Louise said...

I love all the ornaments. I think it's great when you wander round a garden and find hidden treasures like fairies and decorated stones nestled among the foliage. I'm always buying garden ornaments and the kids always get me some for my birthday and mother's day :)

Nichola Fabfortymum said...

Oh what a lovely garden they have. Backyard chickens are lots of fun, although I only have 3 and they do not live in the same luxurious surroundings as your dads :)

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