Thursday, 18 July 2013

Weymouth Beach Memories

Bucket and spades Weymouth Bay  Jubilee Clock
Weymouth Beach Swingboats Weymouth Bay Galleon Weymouth Tower Weymouth Bay Weymouth Beach Attractions  Fairhaven Hotel Pretty hotel WeymouthWeymouth streets Portland Sea Cadets Band Portland Sea Cadets Band
Back to the beautiful sands of last year. Weymouth were then gearing up for the Olympic sailing. How we loved this sandy bay.
Bunting galore.
No holiday for us this year but still lots to do at home.
I've felt very British these last few years with all the celebrations and of course one this year too...

I predict a girl. I'm a bit excited! Are you?


Anonymous said...

Two weeks ago today I was sat on Weymouth beach building sandcastles with the little peas. I have similar photos from on my post.
I think a girl too with a very traditional English name.

greenthumb said...

It all look o pretty, I think a girl also.

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