Tuesday, 16 April 2013

New season at the allotment

Early Spring allotment
Little Bird striding across the plot

It's time to be back at the allotment and I'm struggling to muster the energy. I'm always like this at the beginning of the season when everywhere is quite bare. This week I'm planting my potatoes, broad beans and garlic (bit late but never mind).
Empty Bean Supports

There are a ton of jobs that need completing. The shed needs painting, arches need fixing, compost turning, fruit supports fixing but the lure of standing there admiring the lush growth in summer will spur me on. 
Bare allotment 
My plans this year:
grow sweet peas so they are tumbling off arches
don't cram so many vegetables in
grow in nice straight rows
grow better pumpkins
keep the shed orderly
grow cut flowers
keep on top of the weeds
take Little Bird with me more as he loves stomping around in the soil
Little Bird at the allotment
Big smiles
I visited a great allotment site last year that was really creative so once I've ordered the pics I'll show you. I'd like to pinch some of their ideas to make mine a bit more special for Little Bird. He loves the outdoors so the allotment is ideal to nurture this, it also has a beautiful park right next door with a little kiosk for ice cream breaks :) 


Toffeeapple said...

It sounds like the perfect place to be now that Spring is in the air. Love the picture of your two boys!

greenthumb said...

Can wit to see how it all comes together.

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