Thursday, 12 January 2012

Cupcake Topper Printables

I made these from a vintage story book into cupcake toppers for Little Bird's birthday.  I thought I'd put them on here for anyone that fancied using them too.

Click on the image and it will open at a bigger scale for you to copy to your computer.

You could use them as squares or cut out and then craft punch them - I need to buy one but just shopping round at the moment. Once they are cut out attach with a sticker or tape to a lolly stick or cocktail stick and there you go, a nice decoration for all your cupcakes. It's a whole new craft world that I am getting giddy about. I made some bunting too with the same design and simply hot glued the card pennants to a length of ribbon - easy and effective.


Anonymous said...

I was going to ask you about these in your last post. I thought they were from Belle & Boo. Do you have a girly version? It's my daughter's birthday in Feb and i'm planning a little tea party for her.These would look so cute.

...Nina Nixon... said...

What a lovely idea and Happy Birthday to your little Happy New Year - sorry it's late!

Nina x

Happy Homebird said...

Girly cake toppers on the drawing board ;)

Happy New Year xx

Elizabeth said...

so cute! what a great idea.

greenthumb said...

Look cute.

Country Rabbit said...

i have been catching up on posts here sam, your christmas looked wonderful and your littly turning two- big steps ;0)xx love the idea for the cake toppers- very creative x

Andrea @ little buckles said...

Love these! I will definately use these for my sam's birthday. Thankyou :)

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