Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Happy Birthday Nan

Autumn flowers in a jug

It is my dear Nan's birthday today - she's 88  but shhhh, she would go mad if she knew I'd told you! She's such a trendy, cool Nan who always makes me giggle. A great story teller and good fun to be around.
Autumn flowers

Little Bird is one of her 8 Great Grandchildren! This is them last year. On Monday we visited her for a few hours and it was lovely sat in her cosy sitting room laughing at awful television like Jeremy Kyle! My Nan loves it though, she likes the scandal and the drama of it all. Her house is immaculate and the garden is amazing, all looked after by herself. Nan is a determined lady and is always getting caught out doing things that she shouldn't really do like climbing ladders or spending hours pruning in the garden. We all tell her to take it easy but she has other ideas. It keeps her young at heart.

Happy Birthday Nan and thanks for having such a great influence on my life. We love you very much xxx
Nan and Baby


Toffeeapple said...

Doesn't she look lovely? So youthful. You are a very lucky lady and you obviously appreciate her. Bless the pair of you.

Those flowers are SO zingy, lovely!

Cathy at PotterJotter said...

I just found your blog and it's so varied and interesting. You have family stuff, foodie stuff, outdoorsy stuff - will be back.

elaine said...

She looks great - hope I'm as fit as she is when I get to her age.

...Nina Nixon... said...

What a lovely post - nans are the best aren't they?

Happy birthday wishes and thank you for the allotment good vibes. No catalogues of yet, but lots of planning.

take care,

Nina x

greenthumb said...

Hope your Nan have a lovely birthday.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your lovely Nan,She looks so young,tell her from me:)have a lovely weekend,love juliexxx

...C o w R o a d... said...

Your nan (such a lovely British word) looks great and how wonderful she can still do all of those things! Yay for your nan! :-)

Andrea @ little buckles said...

Happy belated birthday, homebird nan :) Lovely words xx

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