Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Silver owl

Owl light
An unused corner of my home has become all folksy with the addition of a red painted shelf (a £3 car boot special), owls and toadstools. I've also added all of our wildlife guides here so that when we go out for walks it is easy to grab one. One day I hope Little Bird will be able to name all of our beautiful trees, it's a skill that I really admire. And then there's fungi, grasses, wild flowers....
Deer and spotty candle

Bead decoration

At weekend I went to a sale of babies & children's second hand but great quality items - it was amazing! An extremely popular event with the queue to get in snaking around the building and upon entering you are issued with a huge holdall to gather all your goodies in. Inside the hall it was chaotic with mums and dads busily sorting through toys,books, clothes and equipment. I found a lot of amazing books and some great wooden toys that I'll use to add to Little Bird's Christmas present sack - a great way to manage the budget. Despite having eight tills, the queue to pay was extraordinary, my hands are still sore from straps digging into my palms for so long. Regardless of my pain, I can't wait for the next sale but I'll make sure I get there earlier!
books and ribbons

Silver ribbon
Homeward I just had to go past the local garden centre where the Christmas grotto had just opened that weekend. Chaos! My small town seemed so busy that it was peculiar. I had a lovely look around at all the decorations and lights which was a treat since my tot often causes a rumpus when I attempt to do some shopping. He was with DB playing all sorts of fun speech therapy games and having a great time. Finally home I slumped into the sofa and then realised that Little Bird was busy ferreting around in the shopping bags - they catch on quick don't they? I had to let him have a board puzzle early in order to sneak the rest of the goods off into the top of the wardrobe! 


Hannah said...

It sounds like it was quite well organised, if a little chaotic! I wish more places gave you something to carry your purchases.

I think we're getting into the panic buying season, aren't we? Especially with the threat of as much snow as last year. Thank goodness for online shopping!

Thedarkerside73 said...

Love the toadstools! Your little corner is truly lovely all that handmade loveliness.

Lol you have to watch them all the time dont you, they are pretty savvy little ones! Good distraction technics though!


Andrea @ little buckles said...

I love your corner. Especially the little light and the toadstool x

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