Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Cold Mornings

Autumn garden

Stained glass panels
This week I have seen the season start to turn again with a sharp bite to the air and the light so distinctly wintery. The air has been still and there was a lovely morning with a fine veil of mist enveloping the view from Little Bird's bedroom. Out in the garden everything is more or less yellowed and retreating back into the earth for a few months. Red berries were sharply picked out against the cream shed where the bike somebody was giving away outside their house sits - a lovely vintage Raleigh that I decorate with flowers in the warmer months. Now she stands waiting.
Foggy autumn morning

One day we woke up to a chilly morning and as my fresh out of bed warm toes hit the cold air I felt a little bit excited about looking out of the window. There it was! Crunchy frost.
Frosty leaves and grass

Ice and frost in the garden

Beautiful white frost decorating leaves, seed heads and grass. Ice in buckets, glazing trugs and forgotten plant tubs. Which reminds me, I still need a further garden tidy as I have been putting it off until the last orange Nasturtium bloom had gone. They have gone - sigh.

I retreated inside to the warmth of my house, a cup of coffee and a sit down to defrost my fingers. The addition of some fairy lights to a glass bowl is serving as a little lamp in the corner of my main room, slowly sneaking a bit of winter in and making me feel warmer just looking at them. Lights to me signify winter as opposed to just the festivities, in fact lights are great all year around, twinkling and cheering me up. Some of my blog friends are very organised, Sadie at Cotton Rose has put her outdoor fairy lights up and lovely they look too. I am going to do the same just to be organised  - honest. Ten pounds says I'll be switching them on and smiling come weekend.

Cold things poem

Cold things illustration


Mrs B said...

oooooh lovely!


ps is that a raleigh cameo? I have that bike! x

♥ Priddy Priddy ♥ said...

Eeeek & there I was earlier today looking out at the kiddos playing thinking how mild it was!!
Actually need to go & put warm socks on after looking at the ice photo :)

PhotoPuddle said...

I'm still not actually feeling too cold but I'm sure the freezing weather is just round the corner. Although I do feel rather chilly looking at those photos!

greenthumb said...

Wow, you get frost early on, if we get a frost it's in the middle of winter. Keep warm.

elaine said...

Just looking at your photos made me feel cold. We haven't had a frost yet - yay

Toffeeapple said...

I haven't noticed any frost yet but that could be because I don't open the blinds until about 9.00am.

Your lights look charming, I have some but they have nasty green flex and I have no idea where to buy some with white flex.

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