Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Home Anniversary


I needed a break today after all the Halloween planning, partying and decorating. Perhaps a chance to put my feet up, have a coffee and a cake. However, my thoughts already turn to tidying and organising before Christmas!! I know, onto the next festival overkill, I have always been the same! I did take a few minutes though to observe and photograph some Starlings that were in my next door neighbours tree.
Starlings in an autumn tree

Cheeky, noisy birds that I think are very beautiful and most definitely full of character. I must make sure that the bird bath is replenished with water and the feeders are full of fat balls and seed. 
Golden autumn tree
Whilst staring at these speckled jewel feathered birdies I remembered that Halloween had been an anniversary of sorts to me and I dashed up to the loft room to dig out some papers. There it was on solicitors papers, the date I got my first house in this town, which is not my home town, October 31st 2002- I always forget how many years and have to check. A whole 9 years living here. Am I a local now? Does this even feel like home? How did all that time happen? So much has happened too in those years as I suppose it does for anybody. Still blows my mind though thinking about how weird time can be and how fate directs you a certain way.
Rainbows over the rooftops

Later that day, looking to the front of the house I saw an amazing rainbow saying Happy Home Anniversary. Well, that's what I told myself anyway.

Happy November & bring on the cold weather xx


Thedarkerside73 said...

What stunning photographs of those birds! They look just lovley against that tree and blue sky.

It does surprise you dosent it, when you realise that so much time has passed when you come to an anniversarry of sorts. This past September 4th was our house anniversary. We have lived in our house for 13 years. First as a young carefree couple, then a married couple then finally a family of three then four. It is surprising how so much time has passed and how you have changed from turning that key in the lock.

I am totally with you on the cold weather. Bored with this mild hum drum weather. We need some cold. And dragon breath as my call it in the mornings when you puff out cold air smoke!

Happy planning.


Toffeeapple said...

The rainbow is well captured in your pictures, well done. I adore Starlings, such clever cheeky birds.

This month I celebrate 18 years in my home and the mortgage has been paid off since September 2009. I feel so grown up now. (I'm only 65 after all!)

elaine said...

Lovely Starling pics - I have a terrible memory for dates and couldn't tell you what date we moved in here - I have a friend who remembers everything for me. You've either got that sort of brain or not - for me it's not.

PhotoPuddle said...

That rainbow is beautiful and so well captured.

greenthumb said...

That first bird photo is great and the ones of the rainbow are so pretty.

Jorgelina said...

The rainbow is beautiful.

Hannah said...

The last of the autumn colours seem so vivid after all of that rain has made the background more brown, don't you think?

Happy home anniversary :o)

Charis said...

Beautiful photographs... I love the ones of the starlings but taking a good photograph of a rainbow is difficult so well done!

Andrea @ little buckles said...

Gorgeous photos Sam and happy anniversary! Doesn't time pass soooo quickly, it's scary :) x

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