Monday, 5 September 2011

Forgotten Photographs

Rose Queen

I often pick up old photographs, cards and brochures off a market stall in my town. I've done this for years and for a long time I'd put the oldest of them in frames and dot them around the house as if they were part of my family tree.

These are all taken down now, some of them were quite spooky with austere expressions. It did make me laugh though when visitors thought they were great great grandparents or such like. I must scan some of the others in to show you.

During a weekend sort out I came across the above photograph and had a chuckle. Look at those glasses. Do you think it's a rose queen ceremony or maybe an Easter parade? I wonder where it is in England. I am fascinated. Any ideas?


Thedarkerside73 said...

I am with you on the old photo front. My mum and dad found some old ones in our family home when I was young. It was whilst we were having work on the house done. It looked as though it was in our back garden, but the children looked dressed in Victorian clothing. I was absolutely fascinated by them.

We did have some old family photgraphs on the walls in our home, mostly of my DH's side of the family. We have since taken them down now, and there was one relative that did give me the spooks and the girls!

It does look like some sort of parade with a Queen! Some of them really dont look all that happy do they! lol.


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