Monday, 26 September 2011

Autumn Indulgence

Pumpkin Soup illustration

Autumn indulgence for me is immersing myself in everything associated with the season. I really try and get into the spirit of things. After a relatively successful year at my allotment, I am celebrating and enjoying all my produce, particularly the 30+ pumpkins and squashes. As for ornamental gourds, well that's a whole other story, I have bag fulls of the knobbly fellas.

Today we read a lovely book called Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper and made pumpkin soup for lunch too. I apologise for the Cucurbit overload lately but it will continue!
Pumpkin Soup recipe

I used a whole Baby Bear pumpkin weighing around 1.5lb, a couple of potatoes, 1 carrot, 1 onion and crushed garlic. Then added a handful of chopped sage and around 700ml of my trusty vegetable stock. Apologies, I don't really do recipes, I tend to throw things together and hope for the best.  Once the soup had simmered for 20 minutes, I blended and added some single cream.

By the way, I thoroughly recommend the Baby Bear, an amazing harvest from a couple of plants.
Creamy pumpkin soup

I think I may be a pumpkin fanatic. I always adored Jack O'Lanterns but now I have grown them myself I am obsessed with all the potential recipes too. I only grew one carver from last year's shop bought pumpkin's saved seed so I will be buying more to decorate with although I must remember about the zillions of gourds I have!
Pumpkin soup inspired by the children's book

What next.....pumpkin syrup for my coffee and pumpkin pie?  Any other ideas?
Look at my lovely radio, Marmar Bird didn't want it anymore so now it looks lovely on my little cupboard.
Vintage radio


Thedarkerside73 said...

Wow you have done well with your bumper crop!

I have been in full soup making mode too lately. All though with this week supposed to be re-visting summer I might just have to stop. More's the pity. I like autumn and its cosiness. The soup you made sounds fab!


Hannah said...

Your pumpkins are so beautiful (she says, trying not to sound rude lol) - I keep thinking about your beautiful photos last week.

I've just blogged a bit about pumpkins after doing a bit of research so that I can indulge in all of those amazing American recipes that keep popping up on Pinterest (where I am also salivating over your things haha!)!

Country Rabbit said...

i bought that book for my daughters birthady- it was in Waterstones and looked so lovely!-magical!
like you i thought what a wonderful treat for around halloween and pumpkin making ;0)x
lovely images x

Anonymous said...

I've never tried pumpkin soup,looks delicious though.

Toffeeapple said...

I love the radio, is it really from 1934?

...Nina Nixon... said...

You can never have too many pumpkins.

I was looking for recipes today - can't wait to start baking autumnal food.

Nina x

ps. I found first thing was the best time to take my pictures - just as the sun rose. N x

greenthumb said...

Love the colour of your pumpkin, I like to put chili, coconut milk in mine.

Poppy said...

Hello, that is on my list at the weekend to make some pumpkin soup.
I love gourds!

Lou xxx

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