Thursday, 22 September 2011

Autumn Days When The Pumpkins Are Rolling In...

Pumpkins Curing

It's here, it is truly upon us. Autumn. I have been gathering in my harvest on the plot. On the window sills, catching the last few rays to cure their skin for storage, sit an array of pumpkins, squashes and gourds. Baby Bear, Acorn, Festival, Vegetable Spaghetti....all beautiful, oranges, greens, stripy, a bit warty and knobbly.
Halloween around the corner

All ready for sweet pies, curries, pasta dishes, gnocchi with sage butter, roasting with rosemary, soups, making into garlands, Autumn door wreaths or scary faces for Halloween.


Picked up finds of Horse Chestnut, Sweet Chestnut, pine cones and berries sit on table tops (out of a Little Bird's reach!) and around vases of flowers. I always did love the nature table at school. I used to stick leaves and sycamore wings into a scrapbook or make characters out of sticks and beech nut cases as a child. I'm still that person, just lacking the time.

Pine cone

It is now noticeably darker come tea time and the mornings are damp and nippy. On rare sunny mornings, I hope it lasts and we can go out for a walk for more nature collecting for my little projects....


.....for I love to decorate the house for each season.

Reflected flowers

I have been gathering ideas from old magazines and Pinterest. So many great ideas but first and foremost it's an autumn door wreath so we are off to collect a few more items and get the floristry kit out of the shed, ready to wire up flowers and leaves. Hopefully I'll be able to show it to you next week.

Planting Ideas

This is a song we used to sing at Primary School and I adore the words. It's so cheery and was our absolute favourite.  Do you know it? 

Autumn Days - Estelle White (1925 -2011)

Autumn days, when the grass is jewelled
And the silk inside a chestnut shell
Jet planes meeting in the air to be refuelled
All these things I love so well

So I mustn’t forget
No, I mustn’t forget
To say a great big thank you
I mustn’t forget.

Clouds that look like familiar faces
And a winter’s moon with frosted rings
Smell of bacon as I fasten up my laces
And the song the milkman sings.


Whipped-up spray that is rainbow-scattered
And a swallow curving in the sky
Shoes so comfy though they’re worn out and they’re battered
And the taste of apple pie.


Scent of gardens when the rain’s been falling
And a minnow darting down a stream
Picked-up engine that’s been stuttering and stalling
And a win for my home team.



Thedarkerside73 said...

I love your little harvest there! Such happy bright colours aren't they.

I love walking at this time of the year, through those crunchy vibrant leaves.

And of course a bit of halloween spookiness into the bargin!

Love that song although don't know it. Love the line Whipped up spray that is rainbow-scattered. What a lovely thought.


76 sunflowers said...

Beautiful autumn post. I loved singing the song in Junior school, it was always my favourite, especially the "So I mustn't forgeeeeeeeeet" bit! x x

Pippin Lane said...

I am in awe of your harvest!!!! Amazing......would cost you far too much to buy them at the shops!
Nattie x

Hannah said...

Lovely post - your pumpkins are so impressive!
I blogged that song once, too :o)

...Nina Nixon... said...

Ahhhhh what a beautiful sight - all things autumnal. My favourite.

Nina x

sadie said...

oh my god! they are fantastic. Mine didn't get above the size of ping pong balls,then they went soggy and dropped off! You did so well.


@MeAndMyLottie said...

Wow fantastic pumpkins, mine are starting to go orange, should i be taking them off the stalks now?

I used to love that song at school in class assemblys.... ah memories :)

Anonymous said...

That song has been in my head since the beginning of September! These crisp autumn mornings always make me think of it, but I can never remember more than a couple of lines. Thank you so much for writing it down!

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