Thursday, 8 September 2011

A Fairy Song

Afternoon walk

We went searching for the Little Folk on what maybe the last warm weekend afternoon of summer..........

Start the search

They leave traces that they've been there, a clue, a token......

Fairy trails

Look carefully around the toadstools, you may see a Pixie or a Brownie having a nap or a chat. They also like to play the flute and pipes....... badly.

Purple Tinge

They like to dance.....Elves are especially over enthusiastic suffering many a sprained ankle.

small yellow mushroom

They tend to snore listen out. Dogs will hear this and go sniffing.


They can be quite bad tempered, avoid their fury. Hobgoblins are vicious. Be warned!

Looking up

They are extremely houseproud and like to decorate their homes with acorns and fluff. Brownies have the best houses without a spot of leaf litter or woodlice poo to be seen. Do not get confused with troll holes, I don't think you would as they smell really awful.

Fairy House

Some are so small that they are carried on the breeze.

Dandelion clock

Many like to live in the trees, these are the Elders, they keep watch. So be good or they will fire arrows made from birch twigs at your bottom.


They wear fancy clothes woven from leaves and gossamer. Apart from trolls who are scruffy and like to scare the fairies by running around naked for dares.

Leaf flutter

But as the day draws on into evening, some like to have a party - mainly the Imps and the Fairies who are notorious revelers.  Always take a bottle of honeysuckle and primrose cake to one of their shindigs. Often their cousins the Piskies come to visit from Cornwall - they are very good dressers and like red.

Late afternoon

Others are very sensible and settle in for the night under a fluffy eiderdown.

Delicate fluff

And some like to have a mushroom feast.


A Fairy Song - William Shakespeare

Over hill, over dale,
Thorough bush, thorough brier,
Over park, over pale,
Thorough flood, thorough fire!
I do wander everywhere,
Swifter than the moon's sphere;
And I serve the Fairy Queen,
To dew her orbs upon the green;
The cowslips tall her pensioners be;
In their gold coats spots you see;
Those be rubies, fairy favours;
In those freckles live their savours;
I must go seek some dewdrops here,
And hang a pearl in every cowslip's ear.

{Tread carefully}


liz mortimer said...

lovely pictures,just found your blog and am now following x

elaine said...

Beautiful pictures - what an imagination you have - you definitely ought to write a childrens book

Thedarkerside73 said...

What a lovely imaginative post!

Just love the pictures really lovely.


Anonymous said...

Lovely piccies,love the poem

LissyLou said...

Hi, i have just found your gorgeous blog. Looking forward to 'catching up' xx

Anonymous said...

As a child i remember my mum telling me about the 'fairies that lived at the bottom of our garden.My brother and i would spend hours looking for them!! - I hope one day i can tell my daughter all about the fairies at the bottom of our garden!!

Pomona said...

We used to see their hammocks made of spider webs as we walked along the lane to school every morning - and some mornings they would be glittering with dewdrops like diamonds.

Pomona x

Gem said...

You have an awesome imagination, lovely post and adorable photos.
Following your blog as of now!!!
x x x

Andrea @ little buckles said...

What a great post. I like your imagination :)

sadie said...

what a lovely post! Did you see any fairies?!
We have fairy doors at the bottom of our garden (bought them from Scotts of Stow, they're now covered in ivy and look brilliant!).

I must share with you the toadstool I made recently.

Well spotted, the spatula does indeed have a pumpkin face on it! It's a few years old now, but I think Lakeland still sell them around Halloween time.

Tins of pumpkin are tricky to find, I buy my pureed pumpkin online from they are totally brilliant. I bought the pink Betty Crocker icing in a tin from there too - also brilliant. You can get the pumpkin pie recipe from the tin, or the Libby's website.


Unknown said...

I shared a stunning journey with you through your photographs especially the fungi, wow. Don't worry too much about caterpillars, they feel like little pieces of warm jelly, think they would like your autumn habitat a lot!

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