Wednesday, 27 September 2017


Autumn graveyard picnic

There is a stillness around me.
We have separate adventures in the daytime now.
His day is filled with paint and flour, I know as he comes home covered in it.
Of stick legs in PE shorts and waiting in line to attempt a roly poly down a rubber mat.
Crusts left and swapping crisps.
Finally sitting down at a little table even though his body wants him to move so much more. 
Fidgets allowed to break up his learning, small steps. Immense pride. 

Learning about the Romans bringing a beaming smile to history mad mummy's face.
Digging in sand for artefacts. That's two of us that want to be archaeologists. 
Home starving and home tired, bed so much earlier and without so much fuss.
A picture of him laughing in the play area with a new friend.
He was ready. Was I? 

And so the stillness surrounds me like the mist that hung on the road until lunchtime.
I didn't enjoy my walk so much today without a little hand holding on.
Allowing myself to focus on the light through the trees, it seemed a little sad.
Small steps for me too, into a new life.
Paint splatters on his sweatshirt later will remind me that we all have to find our happiness.
Breaking free to move forwards. 


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