Friday, 25 August 2017

Autumn daytripping #TestYourTreads

My favourite season is a mere gust of wind and a conker fall around the corner, a time when the countryside is looking magnificent in its autumn finery and no better time for days out to enjoy nature's show. But before we leave, time for a few checks of the car to make sure we are safe on our travels, especially the tyres as with all the leaves on the road and damp days, plus the nights drawing in, the driving conditions will be a little trickier - no matter what you're driving.......even if it's the Zombie Response Team bus that I came across last autumn.....well it is the time of year for all things spooky 👻

Zombie Response Team bus

So....what to check with your tyres. to make sure they are safe and legal...
  • Check the tyre pressure, refer to the car manual to see what the pressure should be (sometimes also in the jamb of the driver's door this is shown) Also consider the load the car will be carrying. When we go on our autumn holiday the car will be full of cases and us plus the dogs so the tyres pressure will need to be increased. We have a portable tyre inflator that plugs into the lighter socket in the car, connect to the tyre valve and the digital display advises of the pressure. This is a usual weekend check before a day trip or any particularly long journeys when we check oil, water and engine fluid levels.
  • Check the tyre treads which need to be a minimum of 1.6mm legally but really this depth does not ensure safety and replacements are advised to be at least 3mm. The deeper treads will grip better and have a better stopping distance, especially in wet weather. What you don't want to end up doing is aquaplaning so check these out by looking at the tread indicators on the tyres or there is a check you can do with a 20p as the border on it is 1.6mm, place into the tyre groove to see if yours are above this. 
  • Bald tyres are illegal and carry a weighty fine plus could be very dangerous. Do get them checked out and replaced, have a wide range of tyres to ensure you have the right tyres for your car. Their network of over 700 fitting location and conveniently can replace them at your home or workplace.
  • Check the outside of the tyre for any damage such as cuts.
  • Check for uneven wear on the tyre treads (this could be on the inside or the outside) as this could suggest that the wheel alignment is not correct and requires a trip to a car garage to sort out for a minimal cost.
  • Ensure your spare tyres (if you have them still - we don't as yet have the repair kits that many new cars now have) are also legal and of the right pressure. Make sure you have a car jack, relevant tool kit and the details of your rescue service.

Then we are ready for our autumn day trips to castles, churches, collecting conkers in woodlands and exploring the best of the mellow countryside. 

Remember to #TestYourTreads
Autumn road trip

*Collaborative post, words are my own.


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