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Top rules for renting #RentingRules

Have you ever rented property? I did many years ago whilst saving to buy a house and admittedly I found it quite frustrating at times as I am person that really likes to make a place my home. I like to feel that things are forever, to add my quirky flair to a place and have more control. However, there are many positives to renting and if you're not sure at this point in your life where you're going to settle, are transitioning perhaps between relationships or employment or if you're saving up to buy then renting is something that I bet most of us do. It is also a great way to get to know any area before putting down roots and see what a place is really like. I know people that are happy renting forever, we are all different and so what can I advise based on my renting experience.......
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1. Check the inventory when you move in. Make a note of any existing damage to walls or floors or  if there there are any marks on the carpet. Advise of any discrepancies on the inventory. Take photos of the property when you move in so that in the future when you come to leave, you can remember that the curtains that you took down which didn't match your scheme need to be put back up! I found this out when I forgot all to put some curtains back up and had a disgruntled call from the landlord. if it is part furnished too, check against the inventory before you leave, replacing items and ensuring it is left as you found it. Keep copies of all correspondence with the landlord and any receipts for items replaced and maintenance work done as it can be easy to forget if you stay there several years or more.

2. Build a friendly relationship with the property owner and the letting agency for they are trusting you and you are trusting them.  The landlord is taking a risk because they don't know how their investment is going to be protected but luckily have companies like who provide landlord insurance, giving them peace of mind over the building and its possessions. HomeLet help to take the risks out of property rental, with specialist products to protect letting agents, tenants and landlordsIf there are any issues deal with them straight away and don't hide problems as you may need landlord references in the future. If there is anything like a leaky shower or other maintenance make sure you are flexible for access to the house and work with the landlord, equally though, make sure that they look after you if there are home issues so develop polite communications. Make sure you have their contact details to hand in case of any emergencies. Extend the friendliness to the neighbours too as you never know when you will need them and they could be acting as the eyes and ears of the landlord.

3. Stamp your mark in a non wall damaging gentle way - decorating and putting up anything like shelves required permission from the landlord and they don't want their clean wall peppered with wall hangings.  You can buy picture strips that will not damage the walls but enable you to put a picture up, they're inexpensive and a good solution. Be creative, wall stickers are a great alternative, emphasise your soft furnishings, lamps and decorations which don't damage the interior but enable you to still make a statement.
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4. Abide by the rules. If there is strictly no pets then don't sneak a dog in or a couple of cats. You'll get found out and even if you took the dog out for a walk every time the landlord is due to come around, well you can't disguise the smell of pets too quickly! Inviting a friend to stay for a long period could be considered sub letting, so be mindful of this if your personal relationship changes - you can't just move your new partner in!
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5. When you leave, make sure the property is spotless and take pictures to show how you left the property. Look back at the original inventory and hopefully any issues along the way have been fixed so no nasty surprises for the landlord and after all you want your deposit back. Check each room and the garden, making sure any marks on walls have been cleaned - you can buy magic erasers that will remove some. Wear and tear is to be expected and will not forfeit you your deposit, again, try and develop a good relationship with the landlord so that when you come to leave it is a fond farewell.

Have you ever rented or do you now? Would love to hear of any extra advice.

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