Monday, 21 August 2017

The Psychology of Colour in your home

What is your favourite colour in the home? I love dusky pink or grey and yellow is a colour I love to accent with, bright yellow cushions and fluffy throws on the sofa. Yellow makes me feel cheerful, a happy colour and one that lifts a darker space. This weekend I came across a bright yellow front door on a pretty house and I thought to myself, what a great colour to invite people in with or simply make passers-by smile. According to the below interesting infographic from Thomas Sanderson on the psychology of colour, the colour yellow in a home is great as it helps release serotonin, a great colour for social spaces in the house such as a dining room. The guide shows how colour in the home can influence mood and the psychology behind it.

I like to use a lot of colour in my home, I mainly have white walls but then accessorise and furnish with heaps of colour. I have white walls and a painted white floor in the family room, with a relatively new purple sofa that really stands out. Apparently purple is an appropriate colour for relaxation so I planned that perfectly! The rest of the house has a lot of vibrant red and cools blues, a real rainbow all the way through but not too much, just a painted chair or an eye-catching accessory. I'd like to buy a new bookshelf and arrange books by colours - maybe not practical for finding books but it would look very pretty against a white wall. Have a look at the infographic for some insight into colours in your home. 
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