Friday, 1 July 2016

How to bring Summer into your home

Summer days are heavenly. There is something inexplicably uplifting about long, hazy afternoons and mild evenings, something that seems to refresh and reinvigorate. Few things provide such simple pleasure as sitting in your garden after a long day at work, a glass of wine in one hand and a good book in the other. Just picture the scene: bees buzz all around you, the air is heavy with the perfume of flowers, and the sun is warm on your cheeks.

Now imagine if you could bottle this feeling up and bring it inside? If you want to give it a go, then here’s how to do it…

1: Colours
Summer days have their own special colour palette: the soft yellow of sunshine, the fresh green of grass, the dusky pinks and purples of wild flowers, and the bright white of unsoiled clouds. Bringing these into your home is easy, and even if you’re working on a budget, you only need a little money to get you started. Simply cover your furniture with dust sheets, invest in a bucket or two of paint in your favourite summer-toned hue, and invite your friends around to help you out. Don’t forget to brighten up your windows and doors whilst you’re at it; just remember to use suitable products for these areas, such as those available from Mighton.

 painted garden furniture Image source: Shutterstock Garden Furniture 

2: Florals
Once your home has been treated to a fresh coat of paint, you need to add some summery accents, and floral patterns are ideal. Try choosing a new bedspread for your boudoir, some flowery curtains for your lounge, and a few delicately stitched cushions to complete the effect. Pale, diaphanous fabrics are best, as they provide a light, breezy aesthetic to go with your theme. Flower-shaped fairy lights can also be a nice extra touch, and you should be able to get hold of them without breaking the bank.

 floral furniture Image source: Shutterstock floral furniture 

3: Scents
Last but not least, try bringing the smell of summer into your home. Bouquets of flowers will help you to achieve this, and if you’re loathe to splash out, then spend a day on the hunt for wildflowers, or take a look through your garden to find some beautiful blooms. To complete the effect, treat yourself to a scented candle or two. Yankee retail the most deliciously scented and long-lasting choices, and they will make your home smell like a summer paradise.

 wild flower vase
Image source: Shutterstock wild flower vase

Follow these three simple tips today to create a home filled with all of the exquisite, uplifting splendour of summer.

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