Monday, 14 January 2013


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Little Bird turned 3. Happy little boy who loves animals, especially giraffes.
Daddy Bird brought home two huge balloons and his big smiles have brightened up the darkest of months. I know you can't tell us how happy you feel but your look says it all.
Here's to the year ahead my 'besty bear' xx


...C o w R o a d... said...

Congratulations with your little besty bear!
My oldest bear will be turning 18 tomorrow: how did that happen???? I might just get him some funky balloons also! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Little Bird. Such a lovely cake.
Little Pea turns 3 next month and wants a 'hello kitty' cake.... doesn't want much! I still have the 'eat me' flags that I printed from your blog last year!

greenthumb said...

I hope the little bird had the happiest of birthdays, he looks so happy.

PhotoPuddle said...

Happy brthday to your little boy. I hope he had a lovely day xxx

wendy said...

Aww happy birthday little man. I hope you all have a wonderful year xxxx wendy

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