Thursday, 27 September 2012

Summer Catchup

Oh dear it has been a while - all Summer in fact! I am going to try and start blogging again since it is quite therapeutic for me, particularly taking the photographs. It is now my favourite season, cue many autumn photos but I really need to log my summer here is another batch from our lovely holiday in Dorset. Also, I know how these details can be useful if you're planning future holidays then I totally recommend Dorset!

Corfe Castle
The Gallery at 41 - Corfe Frosted window
Corfe Model Village Potager Corfe Model Village Garden Hopscotch in the garden Wood Dragonfly specimen
Castle Painting in Summerhouse Corfe Model Village mosaic
This was Corfe Castle and the model village. It's a lovely place despite us all getting soaked and hiding in their summer house for an eternity whilst it absolutely threw it down, it was still worthwhile. Beautiful gardens with fun activities for kids and a pleasant tea room. This area is of course Enid Blyton territory and her Ginger Pop shop is here - it's rather tiny (there's a larger shop in Poole) but full of retro treasures. I bought some badges and card illustrations of Eileen Soper who worked with Blyton. There were some lovely pretty houses here and the sight of an honesty box and a plant stall made me whoop. I bought some lovely red veined sorrel to add to salads - a perennial so a great holiday momento.
Spinning fun The Horse with the Red Umbrella Dinosaur Museum Dorchester
On another day we stopped at Dorchester and had a little look around. I would have loved to go into the Dinosaur Museum but Little Bird was not into going inside anywhere this holiday - groan. Maybe next time! I had heard about an area called Poundbury that had some involvement with Prince Charles and I was intrigued to take a look. It's basically a housing development with it's own farm, garden centre, restaurants etc... all very pretty. Dorset Cereals are based here. It was fun to nosy at the houses whilst Little Bird played in a small playground and I had a great mooch around the garden centre. 
Punch & Judy Pedalo Nina Camplin Art Swanage
Building Art Swanage Building Art Nina Camplin Steam engine from Swanage to Corfe Swanage Railway Station
Boat Shed Looking out to Old Harry's Rocks
Swanage was a total gem. We hadn't planned on going but I saw the sign and shouted 'Quick! Go there now...'  and was so glad we did - it was absolutely beautiful. Loads of little shops, an amazing train station where you could catch a steam engine to Corfe, great views and seaside charm. I am totally in love with Swanage. You can see the Old Harry Rocks out at sea in the last picture. Such fun for a geography swot like me.  
Cerne Abbas
Chortle, chortle at Cerne Abbas. Pretty amazing history which I won't detail here but the link does. There is another chalk hill figure in the area, the Osmington White Horse  which we could see from the road up from our caravan site. Blows my mind that these were created so long ago and yet there they still are today for us to see.

Next stop Weymouth ......


Toffeeapple said...

Lovely, lovely pictures. I think you are the only person I know who has a dead Dragonfly in a Kilner jar!

Down by the sea said...

Your photos of Dorset are wonderful. We love Swanage too and have been meaning to go over there for sometime. Those paintings on the walls you have shown are so real aren't they? We can see a bit of the white horse from one of our bedroom windows so you must have been staying very close to us!
Sarah x

Hannah said...

I have some very happy memories of a childhood holiday in Dorset - visiting many of the things you have shown.

Anna @ green tea n toast said...

Lovely lovely photos. My family are all from Dorset and my parents live there again now (I grew-up elsewhere). Such a beautiful part of the world. My son just adores Corfe Castle - such a magical place. x

Anonymous said...

Oh such wonderful images,You take such great piccies.Looks like a great summertime,looking forward to the Autumn onesXxxx

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