Monday, 5 December 2011

Pink and fuzzy

Pink Tree1

Pink Tree2

Pink Tree3

Pink Glow
Pink Deer
Beads and fabric

Hmmmm what to do when over the years you have accumulated so much Christmas junk treasure, bags of baubles and trimmings separated into various colour schemes? There was the contemporary tree in brown and teal, the silver and white tree for the Narnia experience, black and white was sophisticated -many phases over the years. Traditional in red, green and gold or maybe just all gold or all red - bows, beads or tinsel - maybe that is old fashioned in a bad way now? White lights, blue LED lights or multicoloured? Choices, choices.
So prior to getting our main real tree we used one years bauble fad and put up a candy coloured, girly, slightly silly pink fuzzy fake tree up. You can't beat a bit of Wizzard playing in the background too.


greenthumb said...

Wow you must have so much stuff, where do you keep it all? It all looks very pretty. Stop by my blog for a give away.

Country Rabbit said...

how delightfully sparkly and festive-
love it all, especially the deer and lights ;0)xx

Toffeeapple said...

What fun, especially with Wizard in the record player. (or whatever one uses to play music these days.)

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