Tuesday, 5 June 2018

A little plant centre in Shropshire

Lawley Nursery Shropshire
I am in a whirl of new garden, one with a front yard area that needs a variety of pots and clever ways to grow and create beauty. And so with my constant wittering of herbs and clematis....I was taken here to what can only be my new favourite oasis of plant buying and various vintage item, stuff the car boot full of loveliness kind of place. 
Leebotwood Shropshire plants
Mini dinosaur garden

Which way to look, corners of leafy and scented confectionery, boxes to fill with beautiful blooms and obelisks for sweet peas to climb up. Things that used to be on farms, now for peonies and not for pigs, now for hellebores and not for hens, tansy in troughs, ferns in feeders.....vintage apple crateHeather Brae Shropshire This and that shopDinosaurs stampeding on tree stumps, ideas in my head and being tempted by a cup of tea and cake whilst looking at wire racks to line with moss and fill with sprite-faced violas or bulbs in autumn. Antiques and items I'd faff around with, candles and lanterns, kitchenware, enamel bowls for strawberries and mint, curiosities for shelves and shelves for curiosities to peer over, dust bunny gatherers but I don't mind.

Shepherd hut teaSo what did I buy......borage prickle leaved and ready for bumble bee enchantment and a spidery purple centaurea montana, a square metal tub and things I've now forgotten because I'm a crazy plant buying woman. Plant nursery Shropshire


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