Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Treat yourself for Valentine's Day

So as we approach the end of January I'm thinking of what the month ahead has in store; snowdrops bursting forth from the chilly ground, buds appearing and those other little signs of spring like the songbirds singing their hearts out finding a mate. And yes of course it's Valentine's Day. Do you love it or hate it? If like me you've never had anything other than a bill arriving on that day from the posty you're probably cringing at the thought of all that sentimentality that will be splashed around every shop, magazine and blog post....ahem.....

But maybe it's time to embrace the day as some love for yourself. A day to treat yourself because you're great and even if no cards arrive, so what. Love yourself instead.

Have a Valentine shopping trip, I will be. Buy yourself some flowers but not roses that you'll be charged far too much for. There are usually some early daffodils out in the shops in February that will cheer the house up or maybe a fragrant hyacinth for the kitchen window ledge. Even some fresh herbs like basil and coriander in pretty pots to start thinking of the spring days ahead.
Valentine treats

Make yourself a cocktail or too in some classy glassware from House of Fraser, why save them for a special occasion, you're important and deserve a glass of something exciting. I love the champagne saucers, a great size to fill up with fizzy or make up a special drink. The coloured Martini glasses are gorgeous and would look so pretty on a shelf too. But for Valentines how about creating one of the pink Paloma cocktails: tequila, soda, zingy grapefruit juice and lime with a sugared edge to your glass. Make yourself your favourite meal for date night with yourself; lasagna with loads of garlic or a huge pizza all to yourself because who will complain. Indulge in the chocolate cake, pour yet another cocktail, leave the dishes for the morning and settle down on the sofa.

Light a gorgeous fragrant candle. I love Blush; The First Kiss of the Night! by Lily-Candle, it's one of my favourites and certainly the name has a Valentine feel, it's scent is very feminine and sultry. As the candle is flickering, time to watch a romantic film or read a girlie book. Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice or Cecilia Aherne's PS I Love You - both great as either film or book but let's be honest make it the Colin Firth version of Mr Darcy, OK!

Valentine's Day is so much better this way, no disappointments. Who needs a dozen red roses anyway......?

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