Thursday, 23 June 2011

This week I......

Put up a little display that I can change at a whim as these are just scrabble racks glued to the wall that act as little ledges for postcards and nice little nick-nacks. I saw the idea on Pinterest 


Put up yet another Union Jack on the wall.

Started tidying my art shelves -putting a little curtain across to hide it all! Three more shelves to go.

nimble fingers
art cupboard inside
art shelves

Celebrated Father's Day. I love this illustration.

Father's Day card

Harvested lots of Broad Beans. Yum. Risotto was first on the menu.

Broad beans

Pottered in the garden and loved my yellow roses.

yellow rose open
yellow rose bud
Yellow roses

Have a great weekend xx


Emma@christmascupboard said...

What a Brilliant idea those scrabble racks are! Think I'll get on the lookout for some of those now. Love your little curtain...gorgeous fabric! x

sadie said...

lovely post. I saw your tweet. glad you are feeling a bit better.


Mrs B said...

lovely lovely...sweet, gentle post x

PhotoPuddle said...

Love the scrabble racks. What a great idea!

Shsjndkdns said...

I am a new reader and just spotted your blog on someone elses, and thought I'd take a look! Its lovely, and I must say : scrabble rack display=genius idea! The little postcards you've placed on them look sweet too.
Hope you have a lovely weekend, I am now following!
X Gem

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