Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Hanging Out With Daddy

Hanging out with Daddy

10 things about Daddy Bird:
  1. Supports Manchester City
  2. Ran the London Marathon in 4h46m
  3. Works in IT
  4. Is left handed
  5. Was on a children's game show in the 80's called Hold Tight
  6. Secretly raids the biscuit barrel late at night & thinks I don't know
  7. Makes great cheese on toast
  8. Drinks cider
  9. Loves 80's music
  10. Is a great dad and always sings silly songs

This is for The Gallery: Week 62, 'Dads' as of course it's Fathers Day this Sunday.


Emma@christmascupboard said...

Love your Gallery entry...Fab! Love that you did a list...wish I'd thought to do that!

QWERTY Mum said...

great T shirts and anyone who can make good cheese on toast is alright in my book!

PippaD said...

What a great photo and post!

multiplemummy said...

Love this, what a brilliant entry and fantastic and clever photo!

Emma said...

Perfect photo, and I love the list! EMma :)

Unknown said...

love this photo and the T shirts!! x

overthehillmum said...

and he hangs the washing out. Perfect :)

Unknown said...

lovely photo and a great post!

mumsarcade said...

Loving number 6 cos it made me laugh
Loving number 7 cos I am a greedy you know what
Loving number 9 cos I am stuck with a 70s fan
My try is over at

Anonymous said...

perfect! and I love the photo.

PhotoPuddle said...

I love these t-shirts! Shame I have a girl and they wouldn't work quite as well on her!

TheBoy said...

I love that he raids the biscuit barrel!

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