Wednesday, 24 November 2010

It's getting cold

It was a lovely frosty morning and I wanted to take some photos but we were all rushing around and I just didn't get chance so will try again in the morning as it's going to be a chilly night again. There's something magical about the stillness of a cold morning, puffs of hot air churning out from the neighbours house and a fuzzy glowing moon still hanging about. Jack Frost was an image that scared me as a child, blue and prickly and creeping about at your window pane even if he was making pretty patterns. A bit like the Judder Man and Spring Heeled Jack. Brrrr.



Charity shop find of the week....another tray, perfect for a Happy Home Bird. Nearly a tug of war and a bash over the head with a nappy sack with another shopper for this beauty. It has lovely long tailed tits around the edge - my favourite bird; pinky, twittery, family loving friendly, cheeky little birdies. £3 = much happiness


Look out ! Look out ! Jack Frost is about ! He's after our fingers and toes; And, all throught the night, The gay little sprite Is working where nobody knows. He'll climb each tree, So nimble is he, His silvery powder he'll shake; To windows he'll creep, And while we're asleep, Such wonderful pictures he'll make. Across the grass He'll merrily pass, And change all its greenness to white; Then home he will go, And laugh, "Ho ! ho ! ho ! What fun I have had in the night !"
Cecily E. Pike


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