Tuesday, 23 November 2010

5 months later

Little Bird is now nearly 11 months old and I'm still busy. I have a very moany baby, that's the truth! I love him to bits but he is grumpy and yummy mummy I am not. Did I brush my hair today? Nope. Do I look like a slob in my old maternity joggers? Yep! Vanity comes bottom of the list. In the brief moments I have spare I'm enjoying baking and cooking tea or having a bit of a read to keep my brain going. Everything is against the clock. Put Little Bird in his walker and I know I have about 30 mins of doing something whilst of course making sure that all the sudden hazards in my house aren't leaping out. Yikes is the radiator on that his little paw is reaching out for, is he going to ram into the dresser and knock everything off, is the dog about to get run over, etc.. Then it's crying time. He's not yet crawling, well he shuffles backwards on his tum but can't go forwards so he is totally frustrated with it all. As am I. He'll get there in his own time and I try to help him as much as possible.

Today I baked black bottomed cupcakes. Yummy chocolate base and then cream cheese with choc chips blobbed on top creates this yummy marbly gorgeousness. Mine sunk a bit but tasted lovely.


The poor dog had a sprinkling. He, he, he...


Each week I go to the charity shops to look for goodies. The best is Age Concern and my latest was a gorgeous tray for £3 which will do for serving cakes on.


I'm off there tomorrow to see if I can find any vintage Christmas tree decorations as I'm already getting a bit giddy.


The baubles were from Past Times and are too delicate for the tree with a toddler in the house and clumsy Daddy Bird.





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