Tuesday, 18 December 2018

House Plans - a new bedroom and en suite

Having moved in with the love of my life and starting a new home together, it's has been a whole new dynamic to consider. There is Sweep and his son, me and my son and our three dogs. We all need our own space and needs, so there is some re-planning happening next year`. Rooms are being moved and me and Sweep, and my son are moving bedrooms. In fact we are moving to another area of the house.

The house is an unusual one, the front is normal but the back is the old church hall and there is an upstairs room that was used by scouts and brownies. The hall also has a gallery/balcony that is a good size space that will become a library for the 1000's of books that I've brought with me. I'm not even joking and there are still heaps at my old house. It's a vast space in the hall, currently used for storage, as a workshop, for playing badminton and keeping things that I suppose you would keep in an attic and a garage - ladders, tools, Christmas decorations and everything you hoard as a family.

The upstairs brownie scout room is currently a living room with a kitchen, bathroom and a room that was going to be my study workroom. All change now! Little Bird will have the study as his bedroom and the living room will be boxed in to create a bedroom with an ensuite and the kitchen will go. Sweep used to be a builder so he can do lots himself and we will just need a plumber and electrician.
 I desperately want the ensuite to be to my liking as I hate sharing bathrooms with sweeps and teenagers :) Currently there is a roll top bath in the ensuite to be but I feel it is not practical as I like a lovely hot shower and give Little Bird a shower each evening too. I'm not a bath person and so having never been used, this bath will be sold to a home that will use it.


I would really like a walk-in shower as I think it would help Little Bird and his autism, although he doesn't have major issues with mobility, I feel like this would be a safer option for him as he can be a little uncoordinated at times and a walk in shower with a seat such as these from Mobility Plus would be a great solution. The seat would give him a structured place to sit and wash, the rails would provide safety so he can hold onto them when having a bad day with his autism when his vestibular senses are heightened and he needs assistance.

The larger space of  a walk-in shower would make it easier for me to help him and get to him quicker if he became distressed. He loves water and it is a great sensory activity for him, he's always splashing around. As he gets older, having a walk-in shower would make me much more at ease for him as he learns to look after himself and manage his self care. With the Mobility Plus showers you can choose the separate elements, the shower tray, or level access tray or wet room floor and then the screen or door and finally the extras like the seat  and fittings. Classy and also great for giving people with mobility issues independence. Walk-in bath and wet room solutions are available too.

Of course I'll love the walk-in shower too, a bit of luxury and I plan on accessorising the ensuite simple but smartly with new fluffy brightly coloured towels and pretty products, plus my son's fruity soaps and shower gels and some water play toys.  On days when he's overwhelmed a shower will help him feel a lot better.

So in the New Year it will be a busy time, getting the kitchen dismantled, putting in stud walls and creating new doorways and of course changing the bathroom. I'm hoping we can get a plumber and electrician in soonish after the holidays but I know how hard it can be to find one available. Also, we'll probably have to sell the kitchen components on eBay and I'm hoping it doesn't linger around too long. I'll report on the project as we go along so look out for lots of posts about it. Until then I'll be sifting through home magazines over Christmas to get some ideas for the bedroom decor.

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