Sunday, 19 August 2018

Embracing new colour schemes in my home

Since moving in with my man, I have been getting used to a new interior style and going with the  existing look of the home, which is amazing and suits the unusual property and its layout. I have been adding my own bits and pieces that complement the look. OH used to paint in a particular style in rich earthy colours, primitive naive art style cows and sheep, oils and textures, a time gone by, it's what he loves. I've come along with my interest in autumn, Halloween, folklore, the macabre, churches and graveyards and so there is now a merging of two lives. I've embraced the rural scenes and added my corn dollies, vintage doll and wooden rabbit. I guess lots of our interests cross over and we are endeavouring to create a real eclectic mix of found items. We've added mini skeletons and things we have recently bought in odd bits and bobs boxes at the local auction...more on this another time. 
eclectic shelfie

pineapple jug

OH is extremely creative and also used to be an antiques dealer so has the gift of being able to sift out unusual things and create all kinds of things, such as the dioramas of the bakery and the butchers in the images. I think the colours blend really well together and all have a traditional feel, deep blues, greys, browns and hunter greens, an autumnal ochre vibe and shots of mustard. The shade below was a recent eBay find and I love its slightly sinister feel. OH bought me the soft lime coloured pineapple jug from the local florist that I've popped some seed heads into once I've collected the seed for next year and some faux berries. Also some bargain green pressed glass bottles for 50p each from the florist, a religious icon from a random auction box for some kitsch style, some silver plated ware with owl fairy lights trailed across a toast rack and a funny faced mint sauce pot.
unusual table lampshade
The main colour used within the home is probably green, at least I seem to be drawn to this the most at the moment, forest greens, sages, mossy shades, with ferns and trailing houseplants, jade and emerald bottles for using as single flower stem vases,
What does the colour we tend to use within our homes tend to say about us? Well..... produced a guide to what your home colours say abut your personality and according to that I am a very patient an collecting person as it is a calming colour. Also it says I don't stick to trends and I probably have a house full of knick-knacks and mismatching true!!!

In contrast, at my old house I was definitely more pink - approachable and making the home accordingly so apparently. Pink also indicates somebody reserved and shy which is true of me.
eclectic shelf
There is much less pink going on in this house, the colours instead are earthy and spicy, exposed brickwork with vintage gilt frames and wooden shelves. However, my blogging room has pink in it but I am becoming more natural, antique loving and rustic, with a bit of Victoriana and distressed furniture, so I can foresee it changing pretty soon. The colours fit well with my love of weird and I feel like I have a lot of scope for creating new areas within the house.
palmistry sign
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