Friday, 18 May 2018

Summer home benefits of a wooden floor

What will summer be like in the happy homebird house....Early June and I'll be at the allotment several times a week, coming home and traipsing soil on my boots through the house carrying fresh goodies under my arm.

By July, school holidays will be here and a messy eight year old will be in and out the garden, eating snacks all day, dropping crumbs mixed in with leaves, bits of crayon and other assorted dirt on the floors.

Did I say I also have three dogs..... twelve paws worth of mud, dirt and vegetation. Oh and water....bubbles, paddling pools, splashing, water guns and water balloons from all that childhood summer fun. Between us we really know how to make a lovely messy state of the floors and I despair as I want my house to look tidy too.

The best thing I ever did was get a wood flooring as it is easy to clean and therefore hygienic. So in no time at all I can clean it and it's looking bright and smart again. The flooring I have is a nice oak shade but then I painted it white years later for a Scandinavian feel and to give it a revamp. However, you can buy whatever shade you like from the experts Nexus Flooring, from white washed to grey and mocha, long lasting engineered wood planks which are durable and affordable for the home. Such a practical option for living areas, especially with family and pets milling about. The range of colours makes it a easy solution to fit any scheme, smoked tobacco is a particularly nice shade that lends itself to suiting both contemporary and traditional homes and would give a seamless look to downstairs living space. There is also the option of durable solid wood planks for hard-wearing, warm and sophisticated flooring. An instant boost to any home and one that would be a valuable investment.
wooden flooring living space
Image source Nexus Flooring

Being so easy to clean a wooden floor is a bonus and the style suits any home and goes with any decorating scheme. Throughout the summer I like to update a little in each of the rooms to give a summery feel with new cushions, decorative pieces and seasonal items. Even just adding some seashells we have collected on the beach onto a shelf adds some cheer and sweetpeas from the allotments are always a perfect scented touch to my bedroom.

The beauty of wooden flooring is that the natural element is cohesive with whatever look you prefer and the changing of seasonal looks and of course the changing needs of a family. A wood floor has been great since getting the pups as any accidents are easily mopped up and moulting hair brushed away. I can't imagine the mess if I'd have had carpet and the expense of cleaning it, as long as I keep the dog's claws trimmed they are fine on the floor and there is no skating around.
traditional sofa wooden floor

Whilst the sunny days are here, a wooden floor is cooling in the home, it feels fresh and soft underfoot, a clean at the end of the day keeps it feeling nice for my me time in the evening. Thinking forward to the latter half of the year, wooden floors are also warm and cosy, it's the best solution for any home in my opinion. And so not to wish the sun away and enjoy it whilst we can, I'm off into the garden with my son and the dogs, all leaving a trail of chaos but that's all good fun.

summer flowers in a jar


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