Monday, 16 April 2018

Down by the River Weaver in Cheshire & inspired homeware

Spring River Weaver

Up through new houses of pottering suburbia and down to the river bank, plopping down the hill like little water voles to the pathway. A beautiful day for watching the boats, smiling at dogs sniffing and the swans keeping a keen eye on them. Time for the joggers and the cyclists to come out and general river life busyness is restored in spring warmth.

A cormorant with a dipping dive resurfaces by an overhanging blackthorn, frosted with blossom now and joined by egg dipping yellow celandine, starryeyed spring riverbanks.
house near the river

Owaissa Boat and River Weaver

Sat by the river

Riverside cottage

Further on by the bridge is a contrast of delicate powdery forget-me-nots against steel and bold graffiti, all part of the ambiance, river life good with the bad. Slight sludgyness of water here but clearing to waters by the riverside cottage where a dog barks by daffodils and a greenhouse shows signs of recent enthusiasm for the new season with rows of pots filled with who knows what, beans, peas or sweetpeas....

Rusty old boats overlook a skyline of a white college cupola, fretwork and a non moving no gusts today weathervane in a clear blue sky. A world of contrasts here, silent forgotten dull river craft and the chug of a brightly painted canal boat, tarnished metal against puff ball pink blossom, running against peaceful bench resting wanders.
Forget me nots


Old boatyard

kismet boat

street art

River walking inspired items based on the things I saw - cormorants, rust, forget-me-nots, jolly boats, gardening, modern art, blossom pink and cheerful yellow.
River Inspired homeware
River Inspired homeware
Cormorant tea towel, Black Bough £7.50// Metallic rust tealight holder, Abode Living £12//Seed wedding favours, Etsy £1.45//Narrowboat bird box, NotHS £59//
Gardeners Mug, Laura Ashley £5.04// Banksy Flying Balloon Girl doormat, Etsy £24.99// Ronseal Cherry Blossom garden paint, Amazon £4// Cheery Plastic Cup, Debenhams £6//


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